(video) GoodBye Flip and Hello Sony Bloggie Camera for Bloggers & Mompreneurs

Above you will find one of my most recent videos: GoodBye Flip and Hello Sony Bloggie Camera, taken in the BE Digital Lounge sponsored by AT&T during my time at the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit.

On the topic of getting into Social Media, one of the speakers mentioned how much she loved her Sony Bloggie. How easy it was for her to create a video and quickly upload it to the internet. While I knew about the Flip, I was not aware of the Sony HD Bloggie so VERY LUCKY for me to be able to do this video with a Sony Rep and find out more about this and other new cameras perfect for my fellow bloggers, work at home moms, and online entrepreneurs.

And funny enough, as soon as I posted this video on youtube, someone said “I was looking to get something like this great review. Thank you!”. It was nice to not only hear about this new camera, being the gadget girl that I am, but also share it with you guys as well.

While I at the moment am using my iphone 4 for most of my on the go videos, I am in the market for a GOOD CAMERA, so this might be the one. If you are curious why, to be honest I have so much personal media on my phone that I often have to download on my backup hard drive because its just too much, I would like to have a camera so it does what a camera needs to do!

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One last thing to note, I had such an amazing time at the BE Women of Power Summit I’ve been blogging about it all week. Be sure to click the tag: BE Women of Power Summit to review all my posts.

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