(video) 3 Ways to Gain Exposure and Drive Traffic to Your Web Business

Online profits can only come when you have a steady flow of people visiting your website. The audio/video above is the replay of my first ‘Jumpstart Your Business’ weekly teleclass series.

This session is all about 3 Ways to Gain Exposure and Drive Traffic to Your Web Business – whether you are starting up or you are an established woman in business looking to jumpstart or restart your online marketing and sales efforts, this session includes strategies that you can implement in your business right now.

Enjoy the teleclass replay above. For more be sure to review:
– 7 Steps for Beginner Bloggers

And if you’d like to participate in my Jumpstart Your Business live sessions, be sure to join the SistaSense Online Circle.

5 thoughts on “(video) 3 Ways to Gain Exposure and Drive Traffic to Your Web Business

  1. Holly Mullins says:

    Hi Lashaunda I get customers to my website but they don’t buy I’ve also got a website giftcardsforyou which a customer will get a free $10.00 gift card for their purchase for my website to buy. So how can I get those customers to buy off my website, and I also place ads on UADPost I just don’t know what to do. I have an ideal to launch another website to showcase a product once a week from my online marketplace with free giveaways, so this is it in a nutshell.

    • sistasense says:

      I Holly, I get what you are saying. On my call next week I’m going to be talking about fixing your site and motivating those browsers to become buyers. Click here to learn more about the next call. Plus I’ll post the replay shortly after.

  2. Angela Bryce says:

    Hi LaShanda,

    Im glad I had an opportunity to join the call this week and I plan on being on this week’s call, as well. You definitely made some good points and the three points that resonate with me the most is building the comments section, uploading voice and video content, plus just letting people know, no matter what you will hear from me. It takes time but consistency is the key.

    Thanks again and take care!


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