This work at home momma was VERY happy when a close friend introduced me to the wonderful world of ‘auto-responders’, which are basically emails that you can send out automatically to your list based on a time-frame that you define. For example you can automatically send out emails to your list once a week. Auto-responders are easy to setup and very useful. They help to free-up your time and keep your follow-up consistent.

Here are a few auto-responder tips that I’ve included in my eBook, “How to Really Make Money Networking Marketing and Selling MLM Products Online“. I created this particular ebook for women in network marketing ventures like Avon and Body Magic, who are trying to find new ways to market their products online.

1. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “you can catch more flies with honey.” With respect to your business, you can catch more return business with interesting content! Make sure that your email updates are NOT simply filled with links to products you want people to buy. Keep your content fresh and appealing by adding value to the lives of your customers.

a. Share a question you received from a customer and highlight your response. For example if you sell Avon and someone asked you about a great product to soften dry skin, you can turn that recommendation into a product review. Again, don’t simply try to sell the product, show people how your products can add value to their lives.

b. Create Tip Lists that make their shopping and decision making process easier. For example: “The Top Beauty Products Under $30.” Or “The Top 5 Best Gifts for Dad”.

c. If you receive a great review from a customer (and you should be asking for feedback all the time), you can repost customer reviews in your newsletter. For example: here is a great subject line … “Find out what Sherry had to say about …” Out of curiosity alone many of your readers will open your email just to find out who Sherry is and what’s she talking about.

2. It’s also important that you get into the habit of giving your readers something to do. Where most internet entrepreneurs go wrong is … To continue reading download my ebook: “How to Really Make Money Networking Marketing and Selling MLM Products Online

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