Let’s Talk: How to Unblock Your Business and Increase Your Sales

If you are an information entrepreneur: you sell coaching, small business services, ebooks, etc. then I want you to listen to the audio conversation I created for you. In this convo, I want to tell you the three things that block most infopreneurs from having GREAT Businesses online and tell you exactly what you need to do to get unblocked.

SistaSense Circle Audio Session


What Sistas Are Saying About Our Circle:

“I am practicing what we are learning. Working my “lists”. I just want to say that this is has been one of the best spent $97 EVER. I hate to see this end but I know that we have much work to do amongst ourselves.” -Penny

SistaSense Circle Audio Session


A Few Words from the 1st Official Sista in Our Circle:

evelynJoin SistaSense Circle! After listening to the first conversation about LaShanda’s SistaSense Circle, I signed up. I had my one-on-one consultation today with LaShanda, and to me, that made the entire program worthwhile. LaShanda is full of fabulous ideas both for marketing your business, and for getting your mindset straight with regard to your business.

If you are thinking about joining this group I’m encouraging you to jump right in. I’ve already learned so much and I’ve got a list of things to implement right away in my business. Thank you, LaShanda, for such a value-packed program. I’m looking forward to Wednesday’s call with great anticipation. – Evelyn B | Original Comment


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I Can Help You Make Sense of Building Your Business Online

Every week my business grows and I can show you how to grow your business. I sell my eBooks, I sell my web services, I speak with coaching clients and I do it all online. I don’t pay for advertising, I don’t have sponsors and I don’t plan on teaching you stuff I read in a book. I can help you make sense of your money, your marketing, and your mission online because that is exactly what I have done with my online business.


Have you heard all this before? The Day and Night Example

Some of what I’m saying is probably not new to you, but I don’t want you to think we are going to cover the same old things. I want to go beyond the basics and tell you those little, powerful, subtle details and disconnects that RIGHT NOW are preventing you from seeing the results that you want in your online business.

SistaSense Circle Audio Session


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The SistaSense Circle Session #1 is a four part audio series on How to Improve Your Visiblity and Sales Online. This series is for Ready to Rock Women and Men … Entreprenuers who want to learn how to better sell their information, products, and/or services online.


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30 thoughts on “The 1st Conversation

  1. ldfaygo says:

    What if you do not officially have your product ready but plan on doing so to make as an e-books and to make a product to to give a way for your list right away.

    • sistasense says:

      @Idfaygo, the group is for both women who are planning to start selling their services online and also those who are currently selling them. My goal is to show you how to get people not just interested in what you are saying, but in a place where they want to purchase your products and stay connected to you. Where most infopreneurs get stuck is they have all this great information they just can’t seem to convince other people what they have is worth buying.

  2. thasoulfuldiva says:

    This is something that I would join but at this time I can not is there materials that are available to me for free? And I had at one time an account with BBWO i have forgotten all my info can i still retrieve again?

    • sistasense says:

      @thatsoulfuldiva, while this course is not available for free, you can join the next grew in a few weeks. also, if you can’t remember your BBWO account, you can click the signin link on the site and select the ‘Forgot Password’ option for help.

  3. dgriffin says:

    Will your sessions be recorded, in case I can’t make the Wednesday meeting. I could listen at another time.

    Also, I am starting another business venture about helping people. I really don’t have the time to do the things you suggest and grow the business. Can you recommend someone that will do it and not tell you how to do it?

    • sistasense says:

      @dgriffin, yes all the sessions will be recorded so you can download and replay them later. While I do teach hands-on marketing, its not something you have to do alone. You can work with a VA (virtual assistant) or PR Agent and have that person do your marketing for you. The advantage of learning this for yourself is that you’ll know how to direct your VA and you’ll know what to look for when he or she is promoting your material. There are quite a few successful VAs on BBWO (

  4. holisticsister says:

    what is the difference between a special report and a ebook? whats a good price point to sell your first ebook or special report if you donthavea list

    • sistasense says:

      @holisticister Reports are generally 4 – 10 pages, small, and free. eBooks range in length, usually under 45-60 pages, and are for purchase. Your price point for your eBook, has nothing to do with having a list. It’s moreso about three things: demand, how much you want, and how much eBooks in your genre are being sold for. It’s up to you do the research and find out if there are similar eBooks on your topic and how much they are being sold for. Truth be told, if the demand is big enough, you can sell your eBook for however much you want. One of my favorite eBooks, Desperate Buyers Only, which explains how to increase your eBook Sales… I spent $77 for and it was well worth it because it gave me a fresh perspective on how I was marketing my books. Just know that from experience, going the route of selling your ebooks at $1 or even $5 won’t get you very far. With no list, 5 ebooks at $1 will only get you 5 bucks! Not a big profit, but you’d be surprised how many newbie ebook authors push their books for little to nothing because they THINK if its cheap enough, somebody will buy it. When that actually rarely happens and again the few sales you get won’t break the bank.

      The not-so secret secret here is setting a price that both works for you and your target audience and before anybody even thinks to question your price you’ve already shown that that both your information and your eBook is well worth it! Showing them that…. selling yourself as a valuable expert is what I plan on teaching you and 9 other women in the SistaSense Circle.

  5. clay says:

    I am noticing that a lot of ebook, nearly all of them are information based, I guess hence the term infoprenuer (did i spell that right; lol). however, I am more interested in writing short stories, poems, etc…. would this be considered an ebook.. please help!

    In additon I listened to your session, great great great stuff.. I fall in the third category, I am difinitley scattered, trying to do 50 things at once and then end up getting nothing done… Great advice. thanx for answering my question in advance

    • sistasense says:

      @Clay: good question and thank you for the comment! Truth be told, info ebooks sell well online because alot of people log on to the internet to find information fast. eBooks are like fast books because without leaving their home, they can quickly find and purchase the information they want. Is that they only type of eBook, now. You’ll find on amazon and other websites a larger selection of eBooks from fiction to everything else. With the Kindle and iPad, many booklovers are purchasing eBook readers so they can read their favorite books where ever they go. So is there a difference between selling information and everything else…. yes and no. Similar to selling eBooks you have to just as you asked build a listing of people in your target audience who love reading your stuff and put you in their circle of favorite authors.

      When I started online I had no list and no one knew me so apart of the process was just putting my stuff out there so people could read what I had to say and decide if they wanted to stick around for me. Putting your stuff out there is important, but you have to do it the right way (something I will be talking about in the SistaSense Circle). Alot of online entrepreneurs are giving away information in one form or another like free reports or articles or even consultations and still not getting buyers because they are missing important pieces to the puzzle like understanding how to give something away for free and at the same time convince someone to buy. These are subtle skills that you have to work on and the best way to do that is to learn from other marketing experts who do it every day.

      My long/short answer to all ebook authors is this… while it may not seem like it in the beginning, writing the book is the easy part. The hard part is getting folks to read it!

  6. clay says:

    ONE MORE THING.. what do you mean by “make your list” I didn’t really get that point; do you mean make a list of targe audience?

  7. katrinamharrell says:

    The question I have is really a comment. last week i launch something very similar to this called “YSB LIVE” where I broadcast from my dining room on my website answering questions to people with accounting or business was a HUGE success and I’m looking forward to doing it each week. What advice though do you have for me in doing this in terms of how I can use this as a lead for new clients some of the obvious things are invite them to sign up for my newsletter and facebook, but what else in terms of etiquette? or driving sales?

    • sistasense says:


      YSB Live from your dining room to their computer screen … ingenious! Being innovative and making an effort to interact with your target audience is the best way to start. What can you do next? If you had a chance to listen to the sneak peak of our first session, one of the things that I want to push you and my fellow infopreneurs to do is stick to our true objective, which means only doing things that help you build your list, get new clients, and keep your current clients happy.

      My suggestion to you would be to think about how you can achieve one or all 3 of these tasks with YSB Live. And once each YSB Live session is over think about whether or not you met your true objective. I stress this point because I find sometimes infopreneurs implement a marketing strategy without thinking about the end result they want to create, so what ends up happening is your doing these calls or writing these articles and nothing is happening because you haven’t mapped out a clear objective.

      After people listen to you live, what do you want to happen? Do you want to build your list, is this to get new clients, or are these live chats for your current clients? Mapping out the true objective is the 1st step; the next step is developing a strategy, sticking to the objective, and finally assessing your progress.

      If your focus is to build your list, as you said you want to invite them to your newsletter or facebook Fanpage but what else…. well its all about what you say to them during and after the call. During the live session one suggestion would be to periodically remind your viewers you have something you want to give them so they should go signup at ‘xyz’ website or you would like to answer their questions privately so again go to ‘xyz’ location and signup for a consultation. Every time you get in front of a group you have marketing moments, things you can say to them to either build your list or get them to buy, you have to plan your session before you start it or you won’t see results. Are you marketing throughout the session or just answering questions… that is one thing inforpreneurs don’t understand and/or fail to do. Then after the session the same rule applies, are you staying connecting and if so what are you doing to continue to give information but also market your products/services.

      Some infopreneurs are all social while others are all marketing… its got to be about doing both. Here’s an example: Say a coaching clients says, ‘How do I sell more of x product this quarter.’ You might say, ‘I recently answered this question for another client. Here are one of the suggestions that I gave him… If you’d like for us to go through more options you can try, let’s schedule a time to talk more. My client is currently in my private program, perhaps this would work for you…’ A few things are happening in one conversation… you are sharing information and showing your knowledge, but at the same time letting your prospect know you’ve worked with similar clients before and before you go any deeper into the information giving, he should consider a package you have for him. That’s being social and marketing at the same time without saying ‘Go Here and Buy Now’.

      But that’s just the beginning. There are more marketing moments that I’d like you to be aware of and more ways to be social and market without feeling like you are doing too much of either. Understanding your true objective and detailing the different ways / tools you can use to get more leads, clients, and sales is what we’ll be discussing through the 4 Week SistaSense Circle Series. I will be going over the different strategies that I’ve used over the years to accomplish my goals outlining which ones work well and the ones to avoid.

  8. byhspeaking says:

    Hi LaShanda,

    The first time around I didn’t leave comments or share the importance of the Sista Circle. That is a good thing because I was busy implementing what I was learning on the very basic stuff. The most important part of the Circle was that I didn’t have to be on every call and there was no judgment about that. I was able to move at my own pace and although I still haven’t listened to all the information because I’m working on my first project…creating a website that really speaks to who I am and how I can serve others which is a crucial piece. I’ve also taken the necessary “first steps” of contacting Evelyn Bourne who will be helping me to put my articles, eBooks, and other products together so they make sense and actually create a “laser focus” for my target market. What I really appreciate most of all was the e-mail you sent me that said, “You don’t have rush”. It is just nice to know that I can go step by step and feel this thing out. I don’t have all the answers and it may take me another year before I really find out who I’m marketing to and that is okay. With Sista Circle, I can just keep moving forward and taking baby steps until I get to where I want to be and I know that you will always be there for me. There’s no excuse for me not to apply what I’ve learned because I have your products at my fingertips! I have LaShanda Henry 24/7 because I chose to make the investment. Last but not least, what I do know is that the financial seeds I’m planting now into your business will come back one hundred fold and I’ll get the same support that I am giving. It’s a Spiritual Law :0)! Today, I am grateful for your bold endeavor to work with African American women. May you be inspired at all times to move forward with the support of your peers.

  9. LRScentuals says:

    Hi LaShanda,it’s great to see you still pushing and pushing and making it work. My goal is to try to get in on this next circle…and if I can’t at that time, to get the mp3s after you piece them out. If I should have the opportunity to join the circle..what day and time will the one-hour sessions be. I want to be there prime time if I can to ask questions. I am specifically interested in session #2

    Thanks. Be Blessed & Prosperous!


    • sistasense says:

      Hi Kee! Circle #2 Sessions start Wed. 29th and continue every following Wed at 7pm est. (for 3 sessions in total). You can ask questions during the session and/or send me questions before hand. If you miss a session you can always hear my response to your questions via the replay. -lh

  10. MrsBolden says:


    How are you? I am truly amazed at the information on your website and have to say..I NEED HELP!! I am a first time mother working part time at a retail store and trying to build my business online. I am a new Independent Herbalife Distributor, a great health and wellness company and i have my own gift basket company.( My gift basket company has been up for 9 months and i still haven’t made a sell. could you look at my website and tell me what im doing wrong. i’ve tried free ads and search engine submissons but no sales. I see people are looking at my site but not buying. I am really trying to make both business work. As for herbalife..i am a health fantic and would like to cater to my african american roots and help them live a better life. I signed up for your 7 day changlege and look forward to it.

  11. kanisha200 says:

    Hello LaShanda, I do admire you what you do because I really have a lot of question how to promote my business online. I have been Avon for a year and been on facebook, twitter, myspace and ning networks, I do not see anything happening. I need help on doing help on promoting affliaites and blogging. So, I am enjoying your 7 days challenge for start. Take care.

  12. Ayesha says:

    I’ve been following you for a while now and I am so excited and proud to see where you’ve taken your brand.

    After a couple of false starts I’m ready to “work smarter, not harder.” I am currently in the process of trying to get my goals in order because there are so many things I’d like to do. I started with my catering and event planning company but how to get started? Would you be able to help with that?
    I am also a member of your affilate marketing program but I havent made anything. What am I doing wrong? I know the obivious but what else am I missing?

    I want to start a catering and event planning company, party promotions, natural hair stylist, natural meet up organizer, nonprofits, selling info online, daycare, ebooks…etc.I am interested in investing money into learning how to become successful.But with so much information how do you know what to buy?

    While typing this I kinda answered a question for myself. Since I’m a member of your affilate marketing program, my first goal will be to learn how to market those products better and make money doing so. Setting money markers!

    What product(s) would u suggest for me?

    • LaShanda says:

      Great speaking with you offline Ayesha. I think in our call we were able to answer some of those questions you had. Looking forward to working with you in the future. -lh

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