SSP 001: 3 Simple Steps to Get Unblocked and Start Making Moves

Welcome to this first ever episode of the SistaSense Success Podcast Series. Today it’s all about Make Move’s Monday – a  time for you and I to identify those things that might be holding you back while exploring solutions that can potentially move you and your business forward.

Show Notes

[1:15] Understanding the Importance of Setting SMART Goals – Specific, Measurable, Action-Based, Relevant, Time-Bound.
[4:30] Get Unblocked – understanding what it takes to get unblocked when you are afraid or trying to deal with past failures.
[8:00] 3 Steps to Get Unblocked, acknowledge where your anxiety is coming from and work towards your bigger vision.
[8:30] Get Unblocked Practical Step #1 – Brain dump everything you say “I want to, but …” Take this moment to stop hiding from your feelings and really confront the things that have been on your mind.
[12:10] Get Unblocked Practical Step #2 – Take this moment to say to say this out loud, “I actually can. Actually, I can.” Believe that you can move forward in spite of what you think or what others have told you. Just saying these words, whether you truly believe it, begins the process of affirming it. You will miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take, so do something now rather than do nothing. Just by taking a shot at this, the odds are in your favor. As Maya Angelou once said, “Nothing will work unless you do. Just by taking the shot you are moving yourself forward.
[14:48] Get Unblocked Practical Step #3- Take a good look at what you are trying to accomplish and break them down into realistic projects, tasks and daily activities. You can not look at this big vision that you have for yourself and gulp it down. Over-thinking can lead to negative thoughts, so break your goals down into action steps.
[16:50] Break down your vision by focusing on three areas: what you can do today, this week, and this month that will get you a few steps closer towards your bigger goals. Start with today and build from here.
[19:55] Be Kind to yourself. Be your best fan club by acknowledging your small wins. Appreciate and respect yourself for the things that you do and you will begin to do more because you will believe that you can. [21:30] If you enjoy KeepHer Quotes – motivational messages to keep you keeping on, visit for productivity and success quotes for women entrepreneurs.
[23:00] A powerful quote for you, “Be committed to the process, without being emotionally attached to the results.” – Hal Elrod.
[25:45] Discover the podcast lineup. And learn how to join me on this journey of creating the SistaSense Success Podcast. Email me or use the speakpipe voice message tab on the right side of the sistasense website and send me your podcast comments, topic requests and questions.


About the Show

The SistaSense Success Podcast show is designed to empower today’s web woman entrepreneur. As the founder of both the SistaSense Power Circle and the Black Business Women Online Network, LaShanda has a wealth of knowledge to share on startups, blogging, information products, marketing, social media, sales and more. Each episode provides inspiration combined with business tech information to help you get focused and stay fired up. This podcast is for web women entrepreneurs, bloggers, creatives and stay at home moms who want to turn their online business dreams into real success stories.

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