(video) Social Media Marketing for People Who Don’t Get It But Want To

The video above is entitled ‘Social Media Marketing for People Who Don’t Get It But Want To‘.

It seems like everybody wants to get into social media marketing, but very people actually get it. Inspired by my trip to the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit, I decided to create this video for those in my circle who are interested in social media, want to get into it because its very popular, but don’t really understand the value of spaces like twitter, facebook, and youtube.

Documenting my amazing BE trip, I go through the different ways I was able to easily use social media portals as real-time marketing, conversation, business branding, credibility building, client retention, new client attraction spaces. While I know that sounds like a mouthful, this is in a nutshell exactly what you want to do and I’m hoping in this video I can shed light on how you get it done.

To some degree I do get into practical things that I do on social media, which you can do to promote your business and build your personal brand. For a more in depth understanding of how I use social media tools and blogging to build relationships, increase visibility as well as sales online I recommend you download my previous telecourse: SistaSense Circle: How to Increase Your Sales and Visibility Online.

If you are not in my social circle here are a few of my latest “Let’s Network Now Activities” … If you are a brilliant business woman click here and if you want to share your weblinks or words of wisdom click here.

Saving the best for last I want to say that it was truly an honor to not only attend the BE Women of Power Summit, but to have my Google Me video featured in the Black Enterprise Social Media Bootcamp workshop. If you are interested, you can go to the BE Insider Social Network to watch the Social Media Bootcamp Presentation.

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