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I am officially ready to share my BEST Internet Marketing and Small Business Branding Strategies to Help You Build Your Business and Make Money Online IF you are ready to listen. Keep Listening to Learn More.

Are you ready to listen?

I’m telling you exactly what I do to market and build my business online. These audio sessions are especially useful if you can’t find the time to read all my eBooks OR are not ready to schedule a private consulation.

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Each Audio Session is 15mins. – 75 mins. All Audio Sessions available as MP3 Downloads - Marketing Tips - MP3 Download Starting a Blog: The Basics
What is a blog and how do people make money blogging?

10 Minutes of Audio
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audio - Marketing Tips - MP3 Download Time Mangement Tips
How to manage your websites and your business, as well as how to make the most of your time online.

16 Minutes of Audio
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audio - Marketing Tips - MP3 Download Using Google Adsense
SistaSense Talks Google Set includes MP3 File: What is Google Adsense And How It Works + Bonus MP3: How I Paid My Rent with Google Adsense + Bonus Video Tutorials: Setting Up Your Google Adsense Campaigns

36 Minutes of Audio
Add to Cart - Marketing Tips - MP3 Download Promoting Your Products Online
SistaSense Talks Set #1 includes two MP3 Files: How to Promote Your Products Online and How to Build Your List Online.

66 Minutes of Audio
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audio - Marketing Tips - MP3 Download Fight The Fear: Learn How to Use Technology and Social Media To Build Your Business Online
SistaSense Talks Set #2 includes two MP3 Files: How to Overcome Your Fear of Using Technology to Build Your Business in 5 Easy Steps and Using Social Media Marketing: What, Why, and How.

47 Minutes of Audio
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audio - Marketing Tips - MP3 Download Client Attraction Strategies for Information Entrepreneurs ( those who sell digitial products, services, or coaching online)
SistaSense Talks Set #3 includes two MP3 Files: How to Get People to Pick You and How I Get Customers Online: My Startup Story

70 Minutes of Audio
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9 thoughts on “SistasSense Talks: Internet Marketing and Small Business Tips

  1. Rayshon says:

    I love this and would love to join the SistaSense Circle. Which is the main reason why I came back to where I started from (some time ago). 🙂 I have to say the community has blossomed.

    Looking forward to your blogs and online chat sessions.

    God Bless,


    • sistasense says:

      Hi Rayshon, glad you like … (love) the circle. Our current sistasense circle is in session, so its closed to new sign ups, but if you click here at the bottom of the page you can signup to our waiting list. You will then be one of the 1st to know when the next session starts. Also, in the mean time you can download the MP3 Sessions created for SistaSense Talks, so you can still get answers before you get into our Sista Circle! -lh

  2. Dwritewell says:

    If you haven’t taken a LaShanda Henry class then you are missing out on so much information, and yeah she offers (gives) a lot away for free

     … My (yeah it’s personal, and so is my business success) LaShanda Henry is an awesome MASTER TEACHER who pours out so many valuable nuggets(lessons) in detailed baby steps (INSIDER) offering you a way out of your business rut.

    Mrs. Henry is a professional leader in business. In this day unlike LaShanda there are so many online business professionals trying to solicit their ‘get rich quick’ programs, LaShanda doesn’t try to fit in the mold of others, she is genuine, informative and teaches everything she knows. 

    This woman is such a great blessing to so many. I appreciate her thorough teaching and wealth building techniques that she is teaching me. 

    I look forward to my weekly sistasense circle. Nothing comes in the way of my circle, I look forward to LaShanda brain spillage, truly, I don’t know how she does it, but, I SO LOVE IT & MY LaShanda Henry, U Go Head & Get ‘Em Girl!

    Truly, this humble InfoPreneur is A Master Teacher, that cares about your Success. I’m on my way to be as visible as MY LaShanda ;0)

    Ummm … LaShanda, U Rock Hunni ;0)!!!

    Although its a little bittersweet, I am looking forward to our last Wednesday Call and the final topic is going to allow me to dominate my social sites and my website (I am like a kid in a Candy story—so excited about our collaboration on the website thus far & my Brand) Whoot Whoot Go Me & LaShanda lol and to think all I did was take a risk at believing in Me Dwritewell, which is coming to a URL near you ASAP. Yaaaaay 

    SN: I am super excited and I wonder can anyone tell. Oh well, I can lmborotf SMH   

    Dwritewell’s Residual iPhone

    • sistasense says:

      WOW… its hard to make me speechless, but you have. Thank you as always Daphne that brings in the passion, understanding, and ENERGY that keeps me motivated to do what I do. With the kind of energy you have, I can’t wait to see it unfold online! To your success – LaShanda

  3. robinransom says:

    I have to say laShanda it had been awesome talking and learning from you. You make it easy to understand and simple workable steps. I’m on my way to success in my online business, Because of you and your great knowledge, love of helping women to be their own boss and win at this game we call life. I will miss my wednesday sista circle until we start again. I look forward to unveiling my knowlegge love and passion for women to live in their career calling. With you as my guide to being the leading career infopreneur self-employment expert. YOU truly are a master teacher with great energy and love for what you do. MY web presence is going to soar with your training, webtech girl skills& design!!

    well I just wanted to say THANK YOU !!! I cannot wait until the next sista circle and work with you again soon.!!! Say YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to LaShanda !!!!!!

    live laugh,love and pray
    Robin Ransom

    • sistasense says:

      Thank you Robin! Creating the SistaSense Circle to date has to be one of my best life choices! I’m so pleased that you all have gotten something value out of our group sessions and I can wait to get the group started up again in a few weeks! Say YES to Your SUCCESS!

      Talk soon, LaShanda

  4. Lenora Johnson says:


    I understand that the SistaSense circle is currently closed. I wanted to know if my name can be added to the waiting list? Keep knocking sense into people lady, what an excellent role model. Can you imagine what you can have on the younger generation?

    Lenora Johnson
    Boss Résumés and Cover Letter Service, Inc.

  5. Rene Michelle Floyd says:

    Hi LaShanda!
    I am soooo excited about the TeleSummit…I can’t wait to receive all the information and most importantly– IMPLEMENT the action steps!

    question: How do I get my photo up as the avatar for my comments on here?

    • LaShanda says:

      I am glad you are excited about the event. To get your photo added to your comment on any blogs you post go to and setup your photo. Its free!

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