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LaShanda Henry
Pam Perry
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Pam Perry
Deborah Owens
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Deborah Owens
Jai Stone
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Jai Stone
Richelle Shaw
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Richelle Shaw
Katrina Harrell
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Katrina Harrell
Tara Pringle Jefferson
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Tara Pringle Jefferson
Ananda Leeke
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Ananda Leeke
Artiatesia Deal
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Artiatesia Deal
Beverly Mahone
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Beverly Mahone

Small Business TeleSummits & Motivational Audio Series for Web Women Entrepreneurs

Upcoming Power Circle Conference

At the heart of my SistaSense Power Circle series is one very special phrase, “The Success of Your Business Depends on the Company You Keep.”

If you are new to me, my name is LaShanda Henry. I am a full time work at home mom and the creator of SistaSense.com – a money and marketing blog for web entrepreneurs.

For years I have been sharing my money and marketing solutions with you via sistasense.com and now I want to once again share even more by giving you access to my circle of Powerful People who are passionate about getting you on the right path to success. Inside this series, our speaker (myself included) share the kind of “life changing”, “business building” solutions you would otherwise have to pay hundreds of dollars to receive at a live Conference Event.

When you look around your business and your life, who is there to lift you up and push you forward. I want to expand your power circle by inviting you into mines.

  • NOW is the time to transition from wishing your dreams into reality to working on them
  • NOW is the time to learn from experienced business professions genuinely invested in your success.
  • NOW is the time to get direction, seek out support, and build a power circle of your own.

This series is overflowing with motivation, information, and powerful connections. We are going to show you how to become a leader, build your brand, fix your finances, enhance your blog, take your marketing to the next level and ultimately live your best life.

Register Now and Reserve Your Virtual Seat

Early Bird Registration is $45 | Regular Registration is $90

Registration is currently closed.

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45 thoughts on “SistaSense Power Circle: TeleSummit for Web Entrepreneurs

  1. Donna Johnson says:

    So glad that I am keeping some great company with folks like you, LaShanda. Thanks for the headsup about the early bird registration.

    –Donna Johnson
    Founder of WAHMs WIN
    A Community Benefits Org

  2. admin says:

    Hey Donna! Glad to see you are on board. It’s all about being in good company! Thank you by the way for having me on WAHMSWIN – I featured your organization in the June 2011 Issue of SistaSense Magazine. Networking really does pay off. – http://www.mag.sistasense.com

    • Donna Johnson says:

      You are welcome. I totally agree, LaShanda.
      I also hope that you’ll join us in a solo interview soon.
      I believe I sent you an invitation, but let me know if you didn’t receive it.

      Thanks a bunch for the feature. Love the e-mag. Truly an awesome resource.

      I haven’t figured out how to download my gift yet. I know I was one of the first 30.

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Pam for agreeing to be apart of my power circle! I am really looking forward to hosting this event.

  4. Marva says:

    Hi LaShonda!

    What an excellent line up. Do you plan to record the program? I want to attend, but already know I will not be available on this weekend to listen.

    Shout out to my home girl, Pam Perry!

  5. admin says:

    Hey Marva! Yes this is a great line up we have! Everything will be recorded. Details on pre-ordering the replays will be available soon.

  6. admin says:

    What a day. Technical hiccups! I think all the buzz has got this thing going crazy. LOL – Signup should be working but if you have any issues please email me lhenry(@)sistasense.com.

  7. KAREN says:

    Whohoo! yeah baby! I’m in and pwr30!Thanks Lashanda, I can’t wait to hear all the speakers especially Pam, Richelle and you of course!

  8. Diane says:

    I am trouble signing up for the early bird special

    Can you log in my name and I will try again tomorrow?

    Thanks in advance

    Diane Griffin

    • admin says:

      Hi Diane, let me know what the trouble is and I will get it fixed asap. We had a few technical hiccups yesterday.

  9. Purpose To Be says:

    I want to can’t afford ,but looking forward in the future I admire u Sisters , working on my upcoming book release , i’am a starving poetess lol!, right now , but it still feels good , please keep sending me info . Thank u Bless every day to u !

  10. Jai Stone says:

    I’m super excited LaShanda. I think I want to hear the other speakers almost as much an I want to present my own topic (more in fact!). Thanks for pulling such a phenomenal event together!!

  11. Sandra Brown says:

    I signed up for your SistaSense Power Circle TeleSummit and cannot wait to hear what your panelists have to say!
    I’m still learning to get comfortable with the whole “social media” scene–I prefer face-to-face contact–so I guess it is time for me to embrace it & learn how to use it to my full advantage.
    Overall, I’m sure each panelist will say somehting that will speak to me personally. I can’t wait!!

  12. Rene Michelle Floyd says:

    Is the recording of the summit going to be available for Free to those who paid for the Summit?

    • LaShanda says:

      I will post the details for preordering the recordings shortly. Being there live is going to be a memorable experience. I hope everyone is looking forward to it.

  13. Donna Maria Coles Johnson says:

    I am thrilled to be joining you, LaShanda! It is quite an honor to Keynote your first SistaSense Power Circle Telesummit. I know your attendees will benefit from the empowering and ACTION-packed information I plan to share with them. Remember, as powerful as knowledge is, it means nothing unless it’s acted upon, so I will challenge your attendees to not only listen but to DO. Nothing else matters. Go SistaSense!

    • LaShanda says:

      I so agree. In investing in yourself enough to listen to business professionals is the first step. The next step is implementing what you have learned.

  14. Willie Anderson says:

    I started my blog without any knowledge of blogging. I am looking forward to hearing all of the speakers in order to enhance my presence on the internet. I feel that Lashanda’s subject, “How to Get Paid for What You Know” will enhance my blogging abilities.Thanks

  15. Beverly Mahone says:

    I just signed up for the TeleSummit. I am looking forward to hearing ALL of the speakers—especially Deborah Owens and Richelle Shaw. I’ve heard some awesome things about them from business colleagues I know, like, trust and respect. With my busy schedule, this will be the first TeleSummit, I’ve attended (that wasn’t my own) in more than a year.

  16. Cheryl Wood says:

    I’m registered and excited about the wealth of knowledge I will receive from this 2 Day Telesummit. I respect the work of all the listed speakers and will be prepared with note pad & pen to take lots of notes. Keep up the great work in providing such resources for women entrepreneurs, LaShanda.

  17. monie says:

    I signed up, excited to hear Richelle Shaw and you with a little Pam Perry on the side for spice. I think all of the speakers can enhance my idea, since none of it is actually done yet. Maybe I won’t have to make the same mistakes. My question is , since the telesummit is over two days, is the only way to access by phone or will there be online access to those who registered or is the only way to access it by phone. If it is I may not be able to attend.

    • LaShanda says:

      Hi Monie! Glad you registered. This is a phone-based telesummit. There is also the option of ordering the replays.

  18. Lillian Steadman says:

    Good evening!

    I just completed my registration for the workshop. I cannot wait to hear Jai Stone and Lamar Tyler speak.

    I have only been in business for a few months but my business is doing extremely well because of the down economy and I look forward to learning all I can from experienced business professionals.

    It was great to find the Sista Sense website because I CRUSH everyday. I can’t wait until something happens!

  19. Rachel Berry says:


    I’m just learning about your business and upcoming seminar from my friend Beverly Black Johnson. I’m late for registration but look forward to the recordings. Looks like a great line-up you have. I am already familiar with Pam Perry and her awesome advice. I look forward to hearing her and alll of your panels advice. I also plan to embark on your seven day challenge. Thanks for the soul work.

    Continued success in abundance to you!

    ‘Doing It From The Heart & Soul’

    Rachel Berry

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