Sales Rule #1 for Women Entrepreneurs: Conversion Marketing Matters Most

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The words ‘sales’ and ‘selling’ are two of the nastiest words for most of the women entrepreneurs that I know. Those who struggle with saying these words all too often struggle with generating sales as well. They tell me these words make them feel ‘dirty’ and sometimes even ‘sleezy’. They tell me they don’t want to come off as ‘pushy’ or ‘money hungry’. They try to convince me, or rather themselves that they are happy just focusing on ‘putting stuff out there’ in the hopes that eventually the money will follow, but it almost never does. If you are like them, let’s take a minute to talk about what’s really hurting your sales, why more people aren’t buying your stuff and how you can fix this major problem that many women entrepreneurs face.

For my fellow online entrepreneurs who want to make sales, but hate selling I have a rule for you today that I want you to take note of and take to heart.

Sales Rule #1: Conversion Marketing Matters Most
In the ecommerce business world, conversion marketing is the act of converting site visitors into paying customers.It is the final phase of every marketing solution you can possibly try. Whether you invest in driving traffic to your website via ads, emails, lead magnets, videos, blog posts, sales pages, or social media engagement, if you can’t convert website browsers into buyers all that “traffic” ain’t worth a can of beans. In other words if your website isn’t presently generating real sales, stop trying to drive traffic to pages that are not converting. At the same time, I urge you to stop trying to make it cheaper, prettier, or look like your Entrepreneur Crush’s website in the hopes of getting better results. The harsh truths are that cheap doesn’t always sell well, sometimes ugly sites sell better, and your Entrepreneur Crush’s tribe is not an exact replica of your own. There is only one thing that trumps all the things you’ve been trying and you simply can’t afford to ignore it any longer.

Beyond attempting to master the latest ‘drive traffic to your website’ trends, creating something new or trying to rebrand yourself ‘again’, commit more of your time to working on your sales skills. You have to build your comfort level when it comes to selling until it starts making you feel sexy rather than sleezy. Seriously when you sell well, you make others feel good and yourself feel even better. You have to work on creating copy and conversations that feel like edutainment; information and entertainment rolled up into one. Your ability to write down, recognize and verbalize compelling sales copy has a direct impact on your ability to successfully generate more sales. Remember one thing, before people will buy what you sell they have to buy what you say. Rather than run from the words ‘sales’ and ‘selling’, embrace them. The more comfortable and confident you are as a seller, the better you will become at generating sales.

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