Are you having a hard time trying to make money online OR trying to sell your stuff online? Truth be told, even though I LOVE making money, when I started my online business I absolutely HATED sales. I just wanted my stuff to sell. It SUCKS trying to figure out how to convince people to buy your stuff.
SO we love the idea of making money, but HATE the idea of sales. Trying to avoid the sales process all together we fool ourselves into believing things like … The product is SO good it will sell itself. The website looks so good it will sell itself. The social networking is driving good traffic and that will sell itself. BUT the truth is if you want to make sales online you have to learn how to sell.



SistaSense - Sell,Sell,Sell Audio Series - How to Make Money and Sales OnlineThe Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Online

I know a lot of BROKE entrepreneurs who have GREAT products and a lot of RICH entrepreneurs who have CRAPPY products. Sounds crazy I know, but it’s the truth. The BIG difference between the rich and the broke; some folks know how sell and others do not. Broke was never an option for me, so I learned the Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Online.

1. You cannot simply wish for sales or wait for them.
2. You cannot expect your site to sell itself.
3. You should not rely on friends, family to buy your stuff.
4. You need to know what products sell well online.
5. You need to learn how to catch people’s attention.
6. You need to know the price points that your potential customers like.
7. You need to learn how to pitch products without sounding pitchy.
8. You need to stop asking for sales & start getting folks to ask for you.
9. You need to know how to stay connected with your customers online.
10. You need to learn how to sell yourself, because you are the face of your business.

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Over the last few years I’ve been able to really increase my online sales. I went from $500 Side Hustle to $50,000+ Home Based Business. If I shy entrepreneur like myself who had NO CLUE how to make money SistaSense - Sell,Sell,Sell Audio Series - How to Make Money and Sales Onlineonline can make money online, you can do this too. Download my Sell,Sell,Sell Audio Sessions for Entrepeneurs. This digital bundle includes 21+ downloadable mp3 sessions and 3 BONUS eBooks. Over $247 worth of money and marketing information for only $97.

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5. How to Really Make Money Online (3 Part eBooks Series)
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To your success,
LaShanda Henry

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11 thoughts on “Make Money Online: Sales & Marketing

  1. WealthyGurl says:

    Is a website required to become an affiliate, or can your links just be posted in the body of an email signature line?

  2. Debra says:

    Hello. It’s a pleasure reading your success story, plus your advice and encouragement to others who want to make money on line.

    I have added a link site that you can add your link to at no cost. This is another free ground floor advertisement opportunity, that will bring you attentional great success.

    It is a pleasure to share this with you and others.

    Be Bless,

    Yours truly,


  3. Dwritewell says:

    WEB TECH GURL…WOW, thanks. this is some good stuff.

    Target markets are key to me within my MLM & My Brands Dwritewell, Get Fit Now Wellness & MotivatedBeauty.

    Low traffic Market vs. High Traffic Markets, I think I am in a High Traffic Markets because I can Write, Coach, Lead but I need your magnet marketing strategies.

    I will look more into your webtechgurl you tube videos and website.

    Thanks for all you offer us.
    ~Daphne Dwritewell Williams

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