Get Your Readers and Customers to Comment, Share and Enage More (audio)

As part of my Jumpstart Your Business weekly teleclass series, our last call was entitled, ‘Is anybody there? Getting your following to Interact, Share and Create Enough Buzz to Help Your Business Grow’.

Every woman in business eventually wants her start up to evolve from a passion project to a business that is both popular and profitable. I personally love when my blog readers, video subscribers and online customers are commenting, sharing and communicating with me because all that activity let’s me know they are interested in my work and excited about working with me.

Those times when you put your best online and it goes unnoticed can be brutal on the ego. Not to mention the fact that after a while it get’s frustrating and ultimately bad for business.

Inside our latest teleclass (replay below) I continue our conversation around ‘engaging potential customers‘ by touching on the following points:

  • 5 Women-Owned Startups and Six Figure Entrepreneurs who have successfully built large audiences online: The tools they use and their innovative approach to audience engagement that encourages activity, sales, and brand loyalty among their followers.
  • The first 3 steps to building your own unique platform for engaging with potential customers in your audience
  • How to work around the popular issue of not getting enough ‘comments’ and/or testimonials from your following
  • How to engage readers and customers using different touch points beyond email marketing
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Online Business Success: more on engaging your audience and interacting with customers


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      Hi Sophia, glad you like the post. I would definitely love to network with you more I hope you’ll be on our next live jumpstart your business call tonight let me know bye.

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