Here is a question I recently got on my Facebook Page:

Hi LaShanda, hope you are well. Love your video’s and Ebooks! I have 2 questions I would like to ask you. #1) For business, such as a position of coaching or leadership would you suggest a fan page or personal page? What would be the pros and cons? My second question is: What program or video editing program do you u…se to be able to input your banners and logos for branding your videos? I have Mac and PC. Thank you kindly for your time! – Laura

As a coach looking to attract new clients online, using social media to market yourself is a good idea. When it comes to Facebook Marketing, I personally like to use both Facebook fanpages and my personal profile page. On, you will see all my facebook icons go to my personal profile, and I integrate the Facebook Like Widget in my sidebar. Why use one over the other, well for certain things, they operate differently.

You can only have about 5,000 friends for your profile whereas your fanpage has no limit.
You can easily create an event and share it with your friends but Fanpages don’t have that feature. You can only update your fans on events, but alot of folks don’t know that when they check their facebook messages, there is an updates link full of messages from fanpages they like. (I didn’t know about this, till I tried sharing an event with my fans).
On Both fan pages and your personal profile you can integrate twitter and/or an RSS feed which is cool.

If you do your research, you might find there are more differences between them but in the end, its up to you which one has the main features you want. I personally like having the best of both worlds, so I use both.

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For question #2: I use movie maker and my HP Laptops built in Web Cam to do my videos. To get my logo over my videos I just did a quick google search one ‘add logo movie maker‘ and used the first thing that worked! It’s been awhile since I set up that stuff, but that’s where I got started.

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