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Flash Sale: Blogging, Marketing, Social Media and Sales Help for Your Web Business
Hustle & Heart: SistaSense Shares How to Make Sense of Making Money Online
Best Perk of Being A Work At Home Mom
Be More Productive: 7 Must Read/ Watch/ Listen to Posts for Busy Entrepreneurs
Quick Blog Post Idea #3 for Busy Entrepreneurs: Share Your Brand Message
4 Wks Left: Blog Skills BootCamp Continues
Triple X Your Success Step #3: Build Your Client-Base
Website Design Inspiration: Create Your Own Membership Website + Brand Directory
She is Making Sales and Building Her Tribe: What About You?
Travel Tips for Treps: Get This Before Your Next Business Trip or Speaking Engagement

Flash Sale: Blogging, Marketing, Social Media and Sales Help for Your Web Business



Yesterday was my birthday! I’m 36 years young celebrating 16 sweet years of building my business online. Having spent the last 8 years working at home, enjoying life with my boys. Today I can honestly say that I’m feeling thankful and blessed; with a renewed energy to share my best with you. So (drumroll please), this weekend I am hosting my first ‘soon to be annual’ Birthday Bash Weekend Flash Sale.

Grab one, two or a few of my latest blogging, marketing and sales training sessions designed to help you build your business online. Plus use the code BDAY and get $10 Off your order of $70 or more. Code expires 5/31/16.

Virtual Training Sessions Featured in this Flash Sale:
Create Your Own Brand Cd
Blog Boost for Beginners
Convert Content to Cashflow
10 Day Blogging Challenge
Social Media Traffic and Sales
Traffic and Sales Mastermind
Grow Your Following 7 Day Challenge
Grow Your Business: 28 Day Challenge

And remember, if you are in need of clarity and would like to talk to me about what you are working on right now, click here to schedule a SistaSense Clarity Call.

Hustle & Heart: SistaSense Shares How to Make Sense of Making Money Online


Hey Hey Hey, it’s my birthday! Today is my SistaSense Sweet 16. I am celebrating the fact that I’ve been in business for the last 16 years and working at home for myself for the last 8 years. In the truest spirit of SistaSense I want to share with you how I have learned to make sense of making money online in an interview I had the pleasure of doing for TV personality, Darieth Chisolm, Hustle and Heart episode 12.

Best Perk of Being A Work At Home Mom

One of the BEST parts of being a work at home mom is having the flexibility to go on school trips with my son. Since he was in pre-K I’ve been on all of his school trips, with the exception of one last month because I had an out of town speaking engagement – PeriCon 2016 and didn’t want to take him out of school.

My business is a family business, so he usually goes on all my speaking engagements. And this being my BIRTHDAY I feel like its a great day to celebrate the blessing that is being a mompreneur and working at home for myself as a web designer and mentor to other women entrepreneurs over the last 8 years.

  • sistasense-mompreneur02
  • sistasense-mompreneur03
  • sistasense-mompreneur01

If you are an aspiring work at home entrepreneur OR fellow mompreneur review my system to making money online and also be sure to review my Triple X Your Success Workshop to dig into my online success strategies in more detail.

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Be More Productive: 7 Must Read/ Watch/ Listen to Posts for Busy Entrepreneurs



They say there are many sides to us Geminis, but I think the same statement holds true for entrepreneurs. There are many hats that you have to wear when building a business. Sometimes its hard to balance all those hats on your head at the same time. That said, I have a special place in my heart for my fellow creatives, 9-to-5ivers, mompreneurs and all around super busy entrepreneurs who struggle with time management and productivity. As someone who is a little of all of the above, I want to share 7 of my best “power up productivity posts” chock full of my own personal secrets to:

Working in the business While Working on the Business
Making Time to Be A Creative, A Manager, A Marketer and A Blogger
Being Mom and Mompreneur
Being A Service Professional, Mentor and Information Entrepreneur All In One

7 Time Management + Productivity Posts for Entrepreneurs
Get Back On Track and Give Back to the World
Scheduling Your Posts: Time Management Tips for Business Bloggers
Marketing Your Business When You Don’t have time to Market Your Business
Busy Entrepreneurs: How to Tackle Your To Do List
How to Balance Your Purpose and Profit Potential
How To Work On Your Business While Working a 9 To 5
Power Up Your Productivity: Get More Done Even When You are Busy

Bonus Video #1 @SistaSense Periscope
Making the Most of Your Time Online

Bonus Video #2 @SistaSense Periscope
Tackle These 3 Words: Need. More. Time.


Question: Have you joined the SistaSense Power Circle yet? If so, login and listen to listen to the SistaSense Power Up Your Productivity audio series.

Quick Blog Post Idea #3 for Busy Entrepreneurs: Share Your Brand Message


Today I want to share a quick blog post ideas for those entrepreneurs interested in blogging more consistently on their website. Listen to the audio below and try this activity. Leave a company below to let me know what you think.

Listen to Today’s Audio Tip

If you enjoyed this Sneak Peak Inside the 100 Days of Blog Posts – 10 Day Challenge. Click the link to start this SistaSense Blogging Challenge today! I’d love to show you how to create 10/30/60/100 blog posts that you can automatically schedule on your blog and have working to attract traffic and sales to you, even when you are working on other things.

If you enjoy this audio preview also review my 7 Day Grow Your Business audio series.

4 Wks Left: Blog Skills BootCamp Continues



Last week we took a power pause inside my FireStarter Circle Mastermind, so ladies could work on the 10 Days / 100 Posts Blog Challenge. This week we are recharged and ready to rock, back inside our weekly Blogging Skills Virtual Boot camp. It’s not too late to join us for the final four live virtual sessions, plus in case you miss anything you do get lifetime access to watch the webinar replays online.

Review the topics we have covered and will cover over the final 4 weeks:

Session Break Down – 8 Weeks of Tuesday Evening Sessions
Week 1: What You Should Really Blog About for Better Traffic + Client Attraction
Week 2: Social Media Traffic and Sales
Week 3: 100 Blog Posts Challenge First 5 Days*
Week 4: 100 Blog Posts Challenge Final 5 Days*
Week 5: Blogs and List Building: Opt-In Offers to Upsells
Week 6: Social Media Engagement and Sales
Week 7: Essential Blog Pages to Setup
Week 8: Monetize Your Blog Checklist

Full details here

Triple X Your Success Step #3: Build Your Client-Base

SistaSense 7 Steps to Triple X Your Success


Build Your Client-Base: There are three types of client bases that you can serve. DIY Customers want Do It Yourself Solutions they can try on their own as a way to cut costs and boost their skills. DFY Customers want Done For You Solutions they can outsource to expedite turnaround time and reduce stress . BLY Customers Want Be Like You mentorship and guided support in the hopes of emulating your success while striving to create their own. You can sustain your business if you consistently develop quality offers that appeal to new, existing and previous customers. At the same to you can expand your business by thinking out of the box and finding innovative ways to provide offers to each these three types of clients.

More About the SistaSense Triple X Success System
As you go through the day to day responsibilities of being an entrepreneur at some point you develop your own system; a unique way of doing things that helps you increase sales, optimize your productivity and maximize your success. When I sat down and took a close look at my processes, I realized that as a team of one I taught myself how to do the job of three and get these done three times faster. And as a dug deeper into my methods to making money online I soon discovered one interesting truth; at practically every point of my entrepreneurial journey thus far I have developed strategies that helped me to not just double, but triple my sales. To the question, how do you I do this? For me it’s all about “Triple X Success”.

In a nutshell my SistaSense Triple X Success system is about three things: learning how to get things done three times faster, tripling sales and using my 3K Challenge as a way to achieve steady business growth.

Via the comment box below let the SistaSense us know how you have OR plant to integrate this Triple X Your Success Step into your business.

If you would like to learn more about TXS – click here – to access my Triple X Success Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs looking to get things done three times faster, set smart revenue goals, and discover how to market your business online SistaSense Style.

Website Design Inspiration: Create Your Own Membership Website + Brand Directory


One of the reasons I love working on the wordpress platform is because it is so versatile, you can add on as many features as you like to turn your website into the online business you want it to be. Two smart ways to monetize your blog site and expand your brand are to create your own membership website and/or brand directory.

Here is a great example – LCC is one of the membership websites that I cam currently working on and we are building it on the wordpress platform.


This project falls under my Do Everything For You Digital Content and Web Design Services package.

Here are a few more client examples:

  • gha02
  • gha01
  • gc01
  • gc02
  • bboard-01
  • bboard-02

Girlfriend Connect Membership Site / Directory
Georgia Haitian American Chamber Membership Site / Directory
Barrister Board Membership Site / Directory

She is Making Sales and Building Her Tribe: What About You?



Did you check the video below, entitled, “When u realize it’s almost summer!” Time is moving, so what about you? Are you maintaining your business momentum?

A few months ago I hosted my “Maintain Your Momentum” mastermind, in which I shared with some of the highly motivated women entrepreneurs in my circle how I make, market and monetize digital content online.

After participating in this virtual trainng series, Yaseem, one of my shining participants shared her experience with me:

Hi LaShanda! I was so happy I was able to join MYM!!! I learned loads of valuable information that has helped me tremendously in my business.

Here are some of the things I’ve been able to accomplish over the course of several weeks:

Scope and live broadcast on FB live every M-F for 4 weeks. During my sessions I offered tips on how to find legitimate work-at-home jobs as well as other topics.

Pre-sale, sell and create both a written and audio version of my guide titled, “The Parent’s Guide To Finding Legitimate Work-At-Home Opportunities”.

Established a private FB group called a A Parent’s Journey for my growing community.

Used your amazing money market system to help me track my monetary goals.

My next steps:
Host a Q&A for those customers who purchased my guide.
Ramp up my list building activities through webinars, surveys and challenges.
Research and contact companies for sponsorship.
Work on my 30 day of blog content. Finally was able to listen to your call. You made life so easy with your blogging tips.

P.S Your tip on subdomains has been a life saver. Thanks!!!!!

Learn more about Yasmeen, the Mompreneur and Parent Lifestylist at

Has your fire and focus fizzled? Or are you looking for an extra dose of direction to ensure that you stay on track?

Maintain Your Momentum is a Webinar Workshop Training Series + Accountability Call Circle designed to help you work towards SMART marketing and sales goals for your web business.

With a strong passion for teaching and sharing my web success solutions with you, my goal is to pull back the curtain and show you how I setup and promote my products online, so that you can do the same.

Look. Learn. Launch.

Travel Tips for Treps: Get This Before Your Next Business Trip or Speaking Engagement



As a mommy entrepreneur, there are quite a few perks to traveling for business. Frequent flyer miles, writing off business trips on your taxes and getting a break from the kiddies are a few perks that come to mind.

Here is another great perk and helpful travel tip for my fellow entrepreneurs: Before your next business trip or speaking engagement be sure to sign up for; a rebates program that gives you cash back on all your purchases.

Before I make big purchases like hotel reservations, car rentals and booking airline flights, I log into my eBates account and then go to great travel sites like Orbitz, so that my purchases are tracked and I get anywhere between 2%-5% cashback. Plus there are times when they offer double cash back rewards too.

If you haven’t signed up yet, register for eBates today. FYI – I am an eBates Affiliate. I only share affiliate related offers with you that I personally use. I highly recommend their rebates program.

I get cashback checks in the mail all the time. And for me, using is just a smart way to keep more of the money that you make. Wouldn’t you agree?

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