Above you can listen to my audio interview with renowned life coach, Valorie Burton. Click here for the direct mp3 audio link.

While at the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit I had the pleasure of not only sitting in on her session “7 Principles to Reclaiming Your Power”, but also sitting down with her, discussing those things that can really hold us back in our personal and professional lives.

Valorie has a refreshing approach to self improvement, asserting that we can see more positive growth within ourselves when we focus more on our strengths rather than our weaknesses. If you recall, I’ve been pushing you to pledge for personal prosperity in 2011 and beyond. If you are ready to be prosperous, but aren’t clear on how to achieve this goal, Valorie’s teachings and books provide clear recommendations on how to be your best you.

She states, “Purpose is like a compass. You need to know why you are here.” Helping on us on our path to find purpose, Valorie breaks down the word into 7 crucial components P.U.R.P.O.S.E.:

  • Picture the possibilities
  • Use your failures and mistakes as learning lessons
  • Reach Out to Others
  • Put Things Into Perspective
  • Operate with Optimism
  • Serve Others
  • Enjoy the Journey

I believe in her book, “What’s Really Holding You Back?“, she breaks down in more detail these 7 principles, but I was particularly pleased that she gave us all a very simple, practical place to start. Using positive psychology techniques Valorie explains it all begins with two things: making a conscious effort to not fixate on your flaws and recognize those things that are right with you. Sit down and right down your strengths. If you don’t know what they are, a 5 minute survey at http://www.authentichappiness.com/ can plug you into your top 5 signature strengths, giving you a solid place to start.

She also let it be known that you need to know what ever you are going through is not worth your health and failing at something does not mean you are a failure. Having listened to her speak, I now know that if nothing else, all the busy business women in my circle need to sit down and read Valorie’s bestselling book “What’s Really Holding You Back?“. As I eagerly await her upcoming book, “Where Will You Go from Here? Moving Forward when Life Doesn’t Go As Planned.”

It was truly an honor to sit down and talk to Valorie Burton at the BE Digital Lounge sponsored by AT&T. Be sure to follow her on twitter @ValorieBurton. If you’d like to learn more about her books and coaching visit www.valorieburton.com.


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