5 Ways to Monetize Your Website + How to Setup and Sell Online (audio)

Complete the sentence: “I am a

I’ll start. I am a web designer? Who are you?

Think about your core profession, what is the primary product or service you are focused on offering to others right now?

Inside this Jumpstart Your Business audio session I talk about how you can clearly define your core offer, plus ways you can supplement your primary income with effective website monetization solutions you can try to bring extra money into your online business:

– Setting Up Your Own Directory
– Launching Your Own Consultation Call Services
– Adding (Out of the Box) Ad Packages to Your Site
– Developing Your Own Training Program
– Setting Up Your Own Online Store

You may be familiar with some of these monetization models. Listen to the audio session below as I share my insight on how I got started with each of these plus talk about how I can help you get your vision up and running.

In my experience working with aspiring women entrepreneurs, I’ve found so many ladies want to launch one of the above, but they have no clue how to start and/or no one to help them set it up. I talk about a little bit of both in this JYB audio session.

Plus as part of our Show Me the Money 30 Day Challenge (we are now rounding out to week 4), we I share the current strategies I’m using during this challenge to:

– Attract New Clients
– Get Old Clients to Come Back
– Create Conversations with Potential Clients too!

Listen to TeleClass Replay Below:

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