3 Ways to Monetize Your Magic


You can get fired from a job, but you can never get fired from your gift. So find your gift and you will never be out of work.

All around me, I hear the voices of women who are so ready to quit that job, start that business and transform their lives.

Let the transformation process begin by exploring a few of my personal favorite ways to monetize your magic online:

Get Paid to Speak: You don’t have to stand on a stage to monetize your gift of gab. Think about the kinds of questions people ask you all the time. Consider creating your own coaching, consulting or mentorship program. For example, over at callme.sistasense.com, I get paid to lead private clarity calls with women entrepreneurs; answering their big small business questions. What questions can you start answering for others now?

Get Paid to Teach: Millions of people find themselves online each day looking to be educated and entertained. If you have a wealth of information inside of you, get into the business of converting your content into cashflow. Become an InfoPreneur; start creating eBooks, audio sessions, webinars, online courses, membership sites and more.

Get Paid to Connect: If you find yourself constantly connecting people to other people, resources and great offers, consider getting paid for your connection skills. Start sharing offers via affiliate programs like Amazon Associates and eBates. Also consider creating great offers through Joint Venture projects with other entrepreneurs; team up and find SMART ways to share your offers between your communities for additional reach and revenue.

Via eBates you can get cashback from your online purchases. You can also make extra money by sharing eBates with friends. Sign up for free, visit eBates.SistaSense.com today.

Watch the 21 Ways to Monetize Now Series: Visit www.SistaSense.com/mn21

This article is featured in the Monetize Your Magic issue of SistaSense In Print Magazine.

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