Why I Chose Shopify to Setup My Online T-Shirt Business


When I launched my own custom T-Shirts online store, I decided to build my new brand using the Shopify platform. Why? Most of my new products are printed through Printful, a print on demand drop shipping service that makes it easy to create and outsource the production of your own custom t-shirts, mugs and more.

These two companies have actually partnered to offer shop owners an easy way to set up and sell. When customers purchase my pillows, mugs, and t-shirts through my Shopify frontend store, the orders are automatically sent to my Printful account on the backend. From that point, I easily review and approve the orders for production and then Printful ships out purchased items to the customer with my logo on the box. The Printful team handles printing, packaging, shipping and even returns. Within a few hours of launching my Shopify store, orders were being placed and new money was being made.

While I personally think WordPress is the best platform for your primary website and Selz works really well for selling digital products, Shopify has the most extensive suite of features and add-ons for setting up a store that primarily sells physical products.  It was the top choice for me for this particular project.

You can try Shopify today through me by visiting http://shopify.sistasense.com

Shopify is one of 12 web tools that I recommend in my free guide, 12 Powerful Tools for Your Business.

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