If you could talk to me on the phone right now about your online business, what would you ask me? I’m really curious about this because I just had one of the BEST conversations ever… one of those conversations that make you think, “YES! This is exactly why I do what I do.”

She told me her story and asked questions.

She said:
I mainly market online, what am I missing?
I know I’m not the cheapest pick, so how do I get them to still pick me?
I’m good at blogging, but the blogs not great at bringing in business.
When business is good it’s great, but when there is not a lot of work what do I do?

I listened. I understood her concerns and I gave her solutions.

We talked about:
Pricing strategies that get clients to pick you
The easiest way to promote your business via your blog
The 3 Lines that Turn Promotional Articles into Profit Generators

After writing over two pages of new ideas she says to me:
You’ve given me a lot to work with, this is a great way to start the week!

Our conversation is just getting started because she is one of the first to join my SistaSense Circle and for the next four weeks I’m going tell this wonderful group of women (hopefully you included) everything I know about selling information, services, and consulting online. So what about you? Are you ready to ask me questions? If you were on the phone with me right now, do you know what I would say? Click here to find out.

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p.s.s. And don’t be shy … leave me a comment here or there letting me know if we were on the phone right now, what would you ask me? Some of you have already started asking me questions on my Facebook Page, which is great. I think I will start posting responses tomorrow.


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