Have you ever lost important files unexpectedly? No one ever really anticipates losing their files, but it happens all too often. I have had my share of computers over the years, so I know firsthand how frustrating it can be when your computer dies and all your important files are suddenly gone. As a matter of fact, a few months back I came back from a business trip and saw the “black screen of death” on my favorite laptop. No matter how many times I turned it on, it just kept telling me the hard drive could not be found. Normally this would be one of those moments I would panic and pull out a loc, but I was pretty calm and I’ll tell you why.

About 10 years ago a tech friend of mine told me all about external hard drives and my life changed in a most wonderful way. Since then every two years I purchase a new Western Digital Passport to store all my files and keep backups of previous years past. Back to my story about good ol’ Betsy; fortunately for me I didn’t lose my most important files when my faithful HP took its last breath. I quietly put it aside pending a full tech inspection, plugged the external drive into one of my other computers and went back to work without skipping a beat.

My advice to you is to stop tearing your hair out every time your computer fails you. I can’t tell you how often I get emails from distressed clients hoping I’ve saved content from their old projects because they lost everything to a virus or old computer meltdown. Preventative medicine is truly your best medicine so go get yourself to WD Passports stat; one for new content and another to back up all the old files, photos and memories you’ve stored on your computer over the years. Backups will definitely take a few hours to complete, but they are definitely well worth it. Last thing to note, because I am loyal to the brands that I love I would say Western Digital is the way to go. Their external hard drives have never failed me and I hope they prove to be as resilient for you as well.

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