(videos) A Week of Personal and Professional Growth

Using the power of videos and words I would like to take you through this week of personal and professional growth; especially for my highly driven black women entrepreneurs and truth be told entrepreneurial women yearning to find inspiration and direction through divine connections.

Note to Self: Take care of you. Do you remember that? The famous Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman had a friend named Kit who would always say “take care you.” That is exactly what you have to do.

This week has been interesting. One of my private clients has flown all the way from Boston to North Carolina, literally for a meet me in NC, VIP SistaSense Clarity week, so we could work on her personal and professional growth goals. On that first day I said to her before we play, tell me what motivated you to get on that plane and work with me. She said, “Lashanda when you said a year from now you will wish you started today, that changed everything for me”. She told me that she knew this was where she needed to be.

Last night she was in absolute awe when we looked at all the work that she had completed thus far. She said Lashanda I honestly could not have done any of this at home, I struggled to get the simplest thing done at home. I am so proud of myself. We’ve been working through my new New normal workbook together so that she could take a look at where she was versus where she wants to be. We’ve been working on her business plan, her website, and her videos. We’ve been looking at her products, brainstorming new offers and really going through some serious breakdowns to get to those serious breakthroughs.

During these last few days together we have literally been doing the work before the work and I’m loving every minute of my time with her. As I help her create her new normal I’m literally creating mine which is a powerful experience, a wonderful truth. As my client @arltalove says, “You cannot fix others from a broken place.” And I’m going to take that a statement a step further and say you cannot fix your business from a broken place either.

Don’t give up on the person you are becoming. Feel the greatest. Be the GOAT – greatest of all time. This is Day three inside our meet me in NC experience. My client @arltalove and I are all smiles while we enjoy the sun and create a new series of videos for her brand and higher purpose with clarity, joy and intention free from fear, frustration and distraction. We are here to spread love, live in our purpose and create spaces to help us grow. This is us simultaneously working and doing the work before the work.

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There was a great deal of growth and healing that needed to be done, and we’re doing the work. I’m truly excited about the possibility of working with her further this week and inviting other women entrepreneurs to meet me in NC for their own one-on-one week of personal and professional growth. If you want to live in your purpose, if you want to serve others, if you wants to create a new normal in your life, first you have to take care of you.

Embrace Your New Normal

You have to take define the ‘Different’ you want to create in your life. You have to be aware of the distractions around you. You have to embrace the discomfort, a natural part of the growth and growing process of getting what you want out of life.

Lynette Crosby is the creator of All Roads Lead to Ascension, she is a lightworker who heals and helps others learn how to heal themselves. She creates beautiful Ohanite Organ Pendants for those in search of positive energy and who understand the power of stones, minerals and crystals.

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Today’s share was originally posted on my @sistasense Instragram page. Message me if you would like to learn more about meeting me in NC for your own week of SistaSense Clarity. And be sure to clear here so you can start the process of getting clear, by scheduling a clarity call with me.

By the way the New Normal: Home Study Guide for Success Seekers is now online in both digital and print format.

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