The video above is entitled, “Twitter Marketing for People Who Don’t Get It.” During my conversations with other women at the BE Women of Power Summit and even talking to those of you who joined me on my last live social media call I’ve noticed a pattern. Everyone keeps saying, “I want to get into twitter, but I just don’t get it.”

While I was blogging away at the BE Digital Lounge sponsored by AT&T I decided to create the video above. In this quick clip I talk about the real reasons why women entrepreneurs and professional women alike need to use twitter. For starters twitter gives you a social medium to build your personal brand online. It allows you to reach out to your target audience, share real time information with them, and get a real time response from them.

Using twitter as a marketing tool allows you to not just stay connected to your custom base, but help them connect you to the people in their circle. When I think about people sharing information and retweeting content on twitter I see it as ‘word of mouth marketing’ digital style. Branding, Marketing, Networking, Credibility Building are all just a few powerful things you can do through twitter.

That being said, watch the video above, leave questions in the comment box below, follow me @sistasense and @blackenterprise, then go read the latest BE post 3 Easy Ways to Solidify Your Personal Brand.


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