(video) MadMimi Tips: Create A Sign Up Form with Link to Optin Offer

Do you want to setup your own opt-in sign up form on your website, but you are scratching your head trying to figure out how to give your new subscriber the offer they signed up for? I know how you feel. One of the ladies in my FireStarter Circle Mastermind group recently had the same question:

I have my Opt-in page created using Madmimi. I want to allow subscribers to get a free tip sheet on dealing with difficult relationships. How do I did this using both the Madmimi optin page and WordPress?

My short response was: “First go to your wordpress website – under your media library – upload the tip sheet there preferably as a pdf – then when you send the email via madmimi – link to the pdf you uploaded onto your blog.”

To that she replied: “LaShanda Henry you make things sound so simple. smile emoticon I am trying to link the PDF to subscriber webform. So when the form is completed, the PDF will be sent to subscriber. I know I can make things hard. I may not necessarily be sending it out as an e-mail, but uploading to FB or TW. Thanks”

My detailed response: Sometimes visuals are much better than words, so I created the 20 minute video tutorial below to show her and you how to set up a sign up form with a welcome message that includes a link to your downloadable opt-in offer. As someone who blogs for business, I know it’s so important to have strong lead magnets on your website, so hopefully I can help you create one that not only stands out but actually works the way you would like it to.

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I hope you enjoy the video training above. Here is my complete list of email marketing solutions for web women entrepreneurs on SistaSense.