The video above click here if you can’t see it, contains a few ‘ahah’ – ‘light bulb’ Lessons Learned at the Women of Power Summit. For the most part, I wanted to create this video because as professional women, black business women there are alot of us who have, are, and in the future will encounter the pressures of being the first “fill in the blank.” Knowing how hard it is to be a pioneer, hearing the stories of the WPS Speakers who have overcome so many challenges, I wanted to take this moment to empower you to be the Strong Black Woman That You Are.

Once you watch the video above, also watch this BE video and feel free to review all my posts on the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit.

2 thoughts on “(video) How to Tap Into Your Strong Black Woman Power + Don't Be Afraid to Be A Pioneer

  1. Tamyka Washington says:

    Love, Love, Love this video LaShanda! So empowering and inspiring. It’s nice to be reminded at times that WE CAN do whatever we want to do and be encouraged to believe in ourselves as strong black women! Thank You!

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