The Key to Generating Daily Sales from your Online Store (+audio session)

I receive quite a few emails that start like this, “LaShanda, I have an online store and I’m having a hard time trying to sell my items every day. Would you be able to take a look and tell me what I’m I doing wrong?”

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Having learned how to generate revenue from my business on a daily basis, I can share a few helpful recommendations on this topic. Let me start off by saying that I attribute most of my success online to my SistaSense formula for steady income: ‘LPP + HPP + PIP + OPP = $$$’. In other words, I sell a combination of low and high priced point products, coupled with passive income stream projects and commissions from other people’s affiliate programs to supplement direct sales. Using this formula I am able to make money from information products, services, subscription programs and advertisers.

At the heart of this formula I discovered the key to success exists within your ability to “Create Movement” within your business. Let’s say for example, you were walking down the street and saw a group of people talking, and huddling around something of interest, would you join them or walk away? Most people would sneak a peek; perhaps even ask a few questions in an effort to find out what was going on. The buzz being built in the process would of course catch more people’s attention and peak more interest as the movement among them increased. With respect to your online business, a lack of movement can significantly reduce your visibility and potential to make sales.

There are three types o f movement to consider. First take a look at your website’s movement. How often do you make updates or changes to your site? Do you have an integrated blog space on which you can post offers, videos, photos, products, and activities like events or community calls? My website often feels like a living entity because it is always growing and being updated. Adding details about upcoming calls, events and recommended resources on a weekly basis creates the kind of movement that attracts ongoing attention. By creating movement I am able to attract new clients and return customers to generate regular sales. Active websites reflect use, interest, relevancy and value to the people who frequent them. When people can see how busy you are and how many people connect themselves to you, that buzz brings in more business.

The next thing you want to do is take a look at your movement. Even though you built a website, you can’t simply wait for people to find it and have it do all the work. You need to proactively market and educate yourself on sales strategies you can integrate into your business. For example, I created the PowerUp Plus Training Series ( and the Get Blogging Bundle ( to share the strategies that I use to make blog, video, email and information marketing work for my business. Being a shy entrepreneur at heart, direct sales and networking are skills that did not come naturally to me. I had to work at them. So ask yourself how often you send out email updates, work on building your list, create videos, host events, attend events, or even follow up with emails. You can’t simply do one thing or wait for the magic to one day happening. Consider diversifying your marketing efforts and making more of an effort to communicate with your customer-base on a regular basis.

Customer Communication leads me to point number three; you have to help facilitate their movement. People in general don’t simply buy stuff just for the sake of spending money. We are motivated by the recommendations of our peers, the call to action queues we receive via media, conversations, coupons and so much more. Think about how often you request or initiate movement within your customer base. Are you hosting Twitter chats or Google Hangout sessions? Are you connecting with customers on calls, even directing them to visit your web pages within your online videos? How often do you send them text alerts of email updates about new offers, product picks, flash sales or close out deals. One way to improve your every day sales is to simply get into the habit of virtually saying, “Hey, come on over here and see what’s going on.” Just keep in mind that motivating movement among customers goes beyond paying for ad space. You have to communicate with your audience, get them excited about what’s happening in your world and work on keeping them coming back for me.

Here are my three points combined into one digestible nutshell, creating more movement within your online business can help you generate more sales on a daily basis. Your website needs to be actively updated, you need to be actively marketing and your ideal customers need to be actively listening and participating within your business.

For specific recommendations on blog, email, video and information marketing be sure to review the PowerUp Plus Training Series ( and the Get Blogging Bundle (

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