Have you seen or used the new Facebook “save” feature?

Have you ever been on Facebook and you saw an interesting article or link as you are scrolling down your timeline but you don’t have time to look at it? Perhaps you saw an event and now you can’t find it! Well… Facebook has added a new “save” feature for posts that include links, videos or Facebook […]

What's Working Now: Blogs, Brands, and Better Business

What’s Working Now: Blogs, Brands, and Better Business is the 6th issue of SistaSense in Print Magazine. This issue is super special to me because I made it to six issues, something that I dreamed of when I launched this magazine back in May 2011. This special issue is dedicated to a special woman, my […]

Leveraging Your Content to Monetize Your Blog (video)

Watch the Full One Hour Workshop Video below. During Blogalicious 2011, I had the pleasure of hosting a workshop with Pam Perry, social media expert and creator of Ministry Marketing Solutions. For our session Pam and I decided to discuss one of those hot button topics for many bloggers, “How do you make money from […]

SistaSense: Testing Out the New Facebook Timeline

This weekend I heard about the new Facebook Timeline profiles. I normally don’t like when Facebook makes a ton of new changes, but I actually like the timeline profile design / look and feel. Its in beta right now, you can try it out (details here). Only people who are Beta Testing it can see […]

(Black) Women in Tech You Need to Follow On Twitter

Thank you Black Enterprise! BE recently released (Black) Women in Tech You Need to Follow On Twitter and @sistasense made the list! As BE stated: The reality is there are many exceptionally remarkable Black women advancing technology and forming networks where women of all races can be mentored to become digital media iconoclasts. I completely […]

SistaSense Power Circle: TeleSummit for Web Entrepreneurs

The success of your business depends on the company you keep! When I think about how much my business has grown over the last four years, I attribute a great deal of my success to the powerful, successful, business minded people around me. I believe that your success depends on the network of people you […]

Live Video Chat Tonight: Blogging Cash and Content + Setting Up Systems to Get More Done

Tonight at 9pm EST (8:30 for early q&a) I am hosting an impromptu live video chat. To join us you must register here at SistaSense.tv for as little as $7. The topic for today … I am open to answer any of your questions on this chat but here is the conversation overview: SistaSense Talks […]

Black Authors Share Books and Get Social

Black Business Women Online isn’t my only social network. Today I devoted a few hours to the Black Writers Connect Community – featuring new members, blog posts, books, and discussions. The best part … I added a new social networking session to spark conversation among our 1000+ author community. If you want to get social […]

Birthday and Business: Twitter Party Tonight!

Photo Credit: ATL News Source: The DryerBuzz Suite at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference. In photo – LaShanda Henry and Pam Perry. Photo taken by Carla Hill Photography I just got back from the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur’s Conference. My inbox is full, so even though it’s my b-day, today is all about Birthday AND Business. […]

How to Get People to Land on Your Landing Page

TheLoanModificationGuide.com is one of my recent landing page projects. Upon completion my client had the following question: “How do we make this landing page pop up in google & yahoo when someone types in certain key words?” In other words, how does one improve their page ranking and visibility? What internet marketing strategies can you […]

Creating The Right Blog for Your Business

About a week ago I completed the web project and promo video above: N*Powered Women an Empowerment Blog for Women by Life Coach Nicolette James. As I worked on the design I started thinking about entrepreneurs who are interested in using their blogs as marketing tools. Do you have the right blog for your business? […]

NEW! Download Twitter Party Highlights

I had SO MUCH FUN hosting my 72 Hour Twitter Party for Entrepreneurs – it went really fast believe it or not. Alot of folks, myself included, couldn’t keep up with all the GREAT Tweets so I created Twitter Party Highlights, an interactive PDF guide with the BEST of our Twitter Party for those who […]