(7+ Videos) Branding and Business Building Blogalicious Lessons Learned

I wish you could have attended Blogalicious 2012 with me, but its ok because I can still get you inside with a few video highlights from my trip. Branding and Tech Tips w/ Kris Kain – LittleTechGirl What Blogging Business Women Want – CoachMUp Boni Shares How to Save and Be Savvy – Tips from […]

5+ Blogalicious Brand and Blogger Connections

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but that rule doesn’t apply here because I have to tell you all about some of the wonderful brands and bloggers I connected with at Blogalicious 2012. Coming from a mompreneur who loves to blog these are definitely the kinds of businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs that […]

$50,000 Capital for Your Business (MUES)

While at Blogalicious 2012 I got the inside scoop on how you can get $50,000 investment capital for your small business. MillerCoors Urban Entrepreneurs Series (MUES) business plan competition is now open and accepting entries. Since 1999, MillerCoors has invested more than $1.7 million in the dreams of entrepreneurs. This year brings new opportunities for […]

Vegas & Video Marketing: Speaking at Blogalicious 2012

You know I always have a great time at Blogalicious and this year its in Vegas Baby. Outside of seeing my fellow business bloggers, mommy bloggers and friends I am super excited to hang with my girls Richelle Shaw and Jai Stone + speak on a great panel with Sarah Malkin and Kris Cain. We […]

Blogalicious Lesson #14: Why We Need a Good 'Ol Girls Club + Web Tips from 6 Digital Divas

Can I just take one minute to say this, “Black Girls Rock (as seen on BET), For Colored Girls Rocks (thanks Tyler Perry) and Digital Sisterhood is Rocking Real Hard Right NOW (thank you Ananda Leeke)”. Now let me take a few more seconds to say, “In all honesty, Social Media Marketing does not suck.” […]

Blogalicious Lesson #13: You Always Have to Give them More + "Be Blogalicious" Theatrical Trailer

The video above (click here if you can’t see it) is the “Be Blogalicious” Theatrical Trailer. You can actually preorder the documentary now! I hope I’m in it (BIG CHEESE)… would love to have my 30 seconds of fame. Anyhoo… even though Blogalicious 2010 is over, folks are still talking about it AND the MamaLaw […]

Blogalicious Lesson #12: The Classics Never Die – The Number 1 Reason You Can't Just Market Online

I am sure you want to know why there is a Teddy Ruxpin doll (image removed) in the Blogalicious Picture of me and one of my new found Blogalicious friends, Lesley from HP. Well, yesterday, I frantically stared at my web browser while trying to buy one of the original 1985 Teddy Ruxpin dolls for […]

Blogalicious Lesson #11: Being a Mom Blogger and Working With Brands Can Be Fun + Sesame Streets New Wii and DSi Games for Kids

The video above, click here if you can’t see it is a quick preview of Sesame Streets New Wii and DSi Games shown by my fellow partner in positivity Nikki from the Mommy Factor. The mom side of me, likes to talk about black parenting stuff (hence the black parenting blog), so its cool to […]

Blogalicious Lesson #10: Only Givers Get Good Business Online + Boni Candelario and her Career Coaching Blog

In the video above, click here if you can’t see it, I did a mini-interview with one of my new sister-friends, Boni Candelario, Career Coach and creator of Coach’m Up. After a full day of networking and Saturday Sessions, Nikki suggested we chillax in the Ritz Carlton Jacuzzi, which turned out to be even better […]

Blogalicious Lesson #9: Afrobella's Beauty Tips + Using Your Blog to Work With Brands + What kind of Blogger Are you?

There is a video above, click here if you can not see it. In this video, one of my favorite Beauty Bloggers Afrobella, teamed up with Kenmore to show us how we can make our own Natural Beauty Products using stuff in our kitchens. Definitely watch the video above and after reading this post go […]

Blogalicious Lesson #8: This is the BEST TIME to be a Woman Entrepreneur of Color

Did you watch the video above? Click here if you can’t see it. It is of a mini-interview I was able to do with Nyasha Smith and Stacey Ferguson, two of the amazing women who created Blogalicious! These sistas were VERY busy at the event, so it was really cool to get a few minutes […]