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(7+ Videos) Branding and Business Building Blogalicious Lessons Learned
5+ Blogalicious Brand and Blogger Connections
$50,000 Capital for Your Business (MUES)
Vegas & Video Marketing: Speaking at Blogalicious 2012
Blogalicious: Your Blog In Living Color Contest
Blogalicious Lesson #14: Why We Need a Good 'Ol Girls Club + Web Tips from 6 Digital Divas
Blogalicious Lesson #13: You Always Have to Give them More + "Be Blogalicious" Theatrical Trailer
Blogalicious Lesson #12: The Classics Never Die – The Number 1 Reason You Can't Just Market Online
Blogalicious Lesson #11: Being a Mom Blogger and Working With Brands Can Be Fun + Sesame Streets New Wii and DSi Games for Kids
Blogalicious Lesson #10: Only Givers Get Good Business Online + Boni Candelario and her Career Coaching Blog

(7+ Videos) Branding and Business Building Blogalicious Lessons Learned

I wish you could have attended Blogalicious 2012 with me, but its ok because I can still get you inside with a few video highlights from my trip.

Branding and Tech Tips w/ Kris Kain – LittleTechGirl

What Blogging Business Women Want – CoachMUp Boni Shares

How to Save and Be Savvy – Tips from Natasha Nicholes

Video Marketing Tips and A Little About MomsView w/ Sarah Malkin

Do you know Power Mommy?

SistaSense Quick Tip: Sharing Your Story in Videos

Why Denene Loves Instagram

What’s Working Now – Talking with the MommyReporter

Why Christie Loves Google+

I hope you enjoy these videos and can make it out to Blogalicious next year! If you want to meet me sooner then be sure to take a look at these upcoming events – SistaSense Power Circle 2013 Conference and the Good Life Girlfriends Women’s Day celebration!

5+ Blogalicious Brand and Blogger Connections

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but that rule doesn’t apply here because I have to tell you all about some of the wonderful brands and bloggers I connected with at Blogalicious 2012. Coming from a mompreneur who loves to blog these are definitely the kinds of businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs that you want to be aware of.

My Vegas trip was super fun and super busy. Between speaking at Blogalicous and attending Olympia 2012 with my hubby, I tried to squeeze in some time to see the sites. On the Vegas strip I discovered the biggest ROSS store I have ever seen and decided to pick up the super cute dress seen above. Imagine my surprise when I strolled into Blogalicous and found out ROSS was also one of the featured brands. If you don’t know about ROSS they offer quality name brand and designer apparel for the entire family at savings of 20% to 60% off department store prices. I love my local ROSS, but the Vegas outlet was like 10 of them all in one!

As I attend more events, do more videos and take more pictures its super important for me to find trendy outfits within my mommy budget, so ROSS is one of those places I love to shop. If you don’t know about them, now you do! And you if are on Facebook every day like me, you can also get Ross Dress for Less updates on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/RossDressforLess.

Funny story… My son and I both have sensitive skin, so as recommended by the doctor we only use Eucerin lotion. Every time I get to the airport for Blogalicious something crazy happens. Apparently my tooth paste and Eucerin was a little over the 3 ounce rule, so the air port lady just had to throw them out! I was like “NOOOOOO, I need that for my sensitive skin!” Last year at Blogalicious, I won a Sony DVD player from Sears Kmart, which was crazy because our DVD portable player broke on the way there. This year, I grab my Blogalicious swag bag and you will never guess what is inside?!?! A brand new container of Eucerin, their new Professional Repair product for extremely dry skin! I had a great time sharing my story at the Eurcerin booth. If you want to try it, you can register on their site to get a free sample of Eucerin.

Last year I did a video interview with Desiree Peeples aka The Mommy Reporter on Making Money Online and Transitioning to Work At Home Status. She is definitely a mommy blogger to follow and know.

This was my third Blogalicious and my trip would not be complete without a power session with one of my favorite gal pals, career coach Boni.

If there is one thing I prioritize, its having successful like minded women around me. I had a ball reconnecting with partner/mentor Richelle Shaw and the one and only Brand Coach Jai Stone, who also happens to be the creator of the very popular BlackLoveForum blog. Both of these ladies have actively shared their professional expertise as speakers for the SistaSense Power Circle series. Hopefully you can meet them in person at my 2013 Power Circle Conference here in North Carolina.

Being successful at blogging is about writing great posts and following great people who write great posts. I had the pleasure of finally meeting Denene Millner in person. She is the creator of the fabulous My Brown Baby Blog. She is one of the best freelance writers I know; she wrote about me in Ebony Magazine and she has authored well known books like Sparkle and ‘Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man’ with Steve Harvey.

Another wonderful mommy blogger to know is Tara Pringle Jefferson. Tara and I are kindred spirits and we go way back from being Disney Mocha Moms together. Tara is also a freelance writer and the creator of the Young Mommy Life blog. If you have not already done so, listen to her session within the SistaSense Power Circle Series on how to create great content for your blog.

If you want to be seen online you have to understand the importance of community. I think very few people understand this concept as well as Ananda Leeke, creator of Digital Sisterhood and also a Power Circle Speaker. Ananda was one of the wonderful ladies who attending my session on using video to tell your story online and of course she and I always hang for a bit every time we meet at Blogalicious. This year I was able to surprise her with a copy of the SistaSense Power Circle CD, she presented a session on Pinterest. It was very hard for us both not to cry. Love her!

I’ve been blogging, networking, coaching and partnering with women entrepreneurs for so many years online that meeting them in person is really a new and refreshing experience for me. During the wonderful McDonald’s Mixer I got to sit down and catch up with Rhonda aka Turquoizblue, who just happens to be one of the wonderful ladies Richelle and I have coached for several years now. Rhonda is the creator of ThisIsCrochet, she has a wealth of experience working with chrochet brands and building her own business online.

My Blogalicious list is actually longer than shown here, so I will probably have to follow up this post with another one, but enjoy these Blogalicious Brand and Blogger Connections for now.

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$50,000 Capital for Your Business (MUES)

While at Blogalicious 2012 I got the inside scoop on how you can get $50,000 investment capital for your small business. MillerCoors Urban Entrepreneurs Series (MUES) business plan competition is now open and accepting entries.

Since 1999, MillerCoors has invested more than $1.7 million in the dreams of entrepreneurs. This year brings new opportunities for entrepreneurs like you. Enter your business plan for a chance to vie for a $50,000 business grant. http://millercoorsmues.com/


Vegas & Video Marketing: Speaking at Blogalicious 2012

You know I always have a great time at Blogalicious and this year its in Vegas Baby. Outside of seeing my fellow business bloggers, mommy bloggers and friends I am super excited to hang with my girls Richelle Shaw and Jai Stone + speak on a great panel with Sarah Malkin and Kris Cain. We will talk about the art of using Photos and Videos to share your story online.

As a service professional I use video quite a bit to market my businesses and my websites, so I have quite a bit to share with the Blogalicious attendees. Did you know that youtube get over one billion pages views a day and about one hour of content is upload to youtube every second? I believe that one way to help customers find you is to be where they are and youtube is where they are!

If you will be in Vegas attending Blogalicious definitely leave me a comment and let me know, but if you will miss my session you can also download my audio series on video marketing here; use the code VEGAS for a special discount.

Last year I spoke with Pam Perry on the topic Monetizing Your Blog Content (video clip here). I had such a great time after Blogalicious 2011 that I created a video / audio series on 27 Things You Should Be Doing Right Now (Blogalicious Lessons Learned). You can watch a clip of that here, the complete audios + link to my session on Monetizing Your Blog Content is available within my Rock the Web Workshop Series as a BONUS! Vegas Baby! See you there.

Blogalicious: Your Blog In Living Color Contest

My Entry into the Blogalicious – Your Blog In Living Color Contest. Details here. I am so excited for Blogalicious 2011, registering Early Bird has been on the TOP of my to do list.

Blogalicious Lesson #14: Why We Need a Good 'Ol Girls Club + Web Tips from 6 Digital Divas

Can I just take one minute to say this, “Black Girls Rock (as seen on BET), For Colored Girls Rocks (thanks Tyler Perry) and Digital Sisterhood is Rocking Real Hard Right NOW (thank you Ananda Leeke)”.

Now let me take a few more seconds to say, “In all honesty, Social Media Marketing does not suck.” I recently received a comment from one sista who flat out felt social networking was pointless. Then I logged into BBWO to see this post, “Is Social Networking Really Working For you?” The mindset behind the post was that many solopreneurs are lured into this false hope that joining social networks will bring them all these clients only to be let down in the end. Now let’s be clear here… the internet is NOT a magical place where people just hand their credit cards over to you. If anything I believe that out of desperation many delude themselves into praying for a few sales on social networks but that is not at all how these spaces work or what you should be looking for when you join them.

Last night, I had the pleasure of being on Sisterhood, the blog radio show hosted by Ananda Leeke (audio below). Ananda has been in my online circle for years, so it was again super cool to meet her in person at Blogalicious. We have learned from one another, shared each other’s work to our circles and just flat out enjoyed being in the company of a fellow digital diva.

Social Networking has allowed us to create our own and much needed Digital Sisterhood communities … Black Business Women Online, Blogher, Blogalicious, Ladies Who Launch, Savor the Success, Ween, the Boss Network, MLM Black Woman, the Mom Bloggers Club, MommyBites … eh-hmm … the list goes on because ladies we Rock! We have turned mainstream on its head and proved one – moms have mega buying power AND women aren’t as catty as everyone thinks. Under the right mediums (blogging, twitter, facebook, etc) we’ve learned how to network like the Good ‘Ol Boys at the golf course and in the boardrooms.

In the process we are developing our own personal brands, partnerships, passion projects that are changing the world, and life long friendships. Now does any of that sound sucky? I don’t think so. The key here is to realize none of this happens by just logging on to these social spaces and creating a profile. As we discussed on last nights call (audio below), its’ about fighting your fears of technology, being consistent, being giving, being authentic, and having a strategy. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD … you can’t just wing this folks. What real business just wings their business? You need a system, you need strategies, you need to educate yourself on the latest marketing solutions… so stop trying to avoid doing the stuff that works and limit yourself to hoping for sales because as my mentor Richelle Shaw taught me, “Hope, is not a Marketing Strategy.”

While this message was hammered home last night, I feel like it was also a BIG part of my experience at Blogalicious. I’ve spent so many years making sure my content was on point, now I’m finally REALLY embracing the idea that CONNECTIONS are vital to your business to.

Audio Replay Below: How Women Entrepreneurs & Innerpreneurs Use Social Media
SistaSense Circle Audio Session

The dynamic digital diva panelists of last nights interview include:

For all 30 Blogalicious lessons learned, read my series of Blogalicious 2010 Adventures.

Blogalicious Lesson #13: You Always Have to Give them More + "Be Blogalicious" Theatrical Trailer

The video above (click here if you can’t see it) is the “Be Blogalicious” Theatrical Trailer. You can actually preorder the documentary now! I hope I’m in it (BIG CHEESE)… would love to have my 30 seconds of fame.

Anyhoo… even though Blogalicious 2010 is over, folks are still talking about it AND the MamaLaw Justices are still working hard. The documentary is coming out soon, their tv show pilot is in the works, AND I just completed the poll on where Blogalicious 2011 should be.

Point being, this stuff never stops ladies and gents. I used to dream of a day when my system would just run itself, but that’s not real. The reality is the bigger your brand and/or business gets, the more folks want, which means the more you have to do. I like to always keep it new and fresh for you because this is one of those lessons you never stop learning. Even though people sometimes say, “LaShanda I can’t keep up with you” … I have to keep going because staying content fresh and consistent is how I ensure folks stick around.

My question for you today is how fresh are you? Are you still trying to sell old stuff? Are you marketing but not enough? People are only going to stick to you if they look at what you are doing and go, “Sweet! I want to stay connected to her and see what she does next.” When I talk to the ladies in my sistasense circle about the value of creating a ‘honey blog’, this is exactly the kind of effect I am going for. If you don’t remember anything else I tell you, please remember this one!

For all 30 Blogalicious lessons learned, read my series of Blogalicious 2010 Adventures.

Blogalicious Lesson #12: The Classics Never Die – The Number 1 Reason You Can't Just Market Online

I am sure you want to know why there is a Teddy Ruxpin doll (image removed) in the Blogalicious Picture of me and one of my new found Blogalicious friends, Lesley from HP. Well, yesterday, I frantically stared at my web browser while trying to buy one of the original 1985 Teddy Ruxpin dolls for my son. I would have given him mines, but the bottom part of his mouth is gone (lol). Anyhoo, as a proud 80s baby I am determined to give my toddler all the cool stuff I got, and I love that Teddy Ruxpin reads you stories, so in addition to a Leapster, Teddy has to be apart of his birthday bash (shh… it’s a secret).

After almost being outbid, I won a Teddy Ruxpin on ebay! (Whoo hoo!) As I am shaking with excitement, I think to myself, “the classics never die.” No matter how good technology gets, no matter how advanced our electronics become, the simple things that worked for us in the past will always be relevant.

This is a point that was really hammered home to me at Blogalicious. I’ve spoken with different women and brands via twitter, email, linkedin, etc., but nothing can compare to sitting across from someone and sharing ideas. As a tech savvy sista, I was so excited to speak with Lesley, who has been working with HP for years. She told me all about HP’s Lets Do Amazing project, their latest products for entrepreneurs like myself, AND the collection of how-to video tutorials that HP has online for users who want to learn more about using software to make their home office and home lives better.

In addition to getting the inside scoop on very cool hp products that I will fill you in on in posts to come, I just really valued having the opportunity to network with other successful, ambitious, tech savvy women of color at Blogalicious. I know ALOT of women entrepreneurs, myself included who do EVERYTHING online because to be honest its cheaper. While there is alot we can do online to build our businesses and brands, do not put yourself in a space where you use the internet or online freebies as a crutch. Email marketing and buying access to big lists won’t always drive traffic to your space. Sending a tweet out to brands or other entrepreneurs you follow, won’t always get them to respond and follow you back.

BASICALLY… like it or not, sometimes you have to stop pounding the digital pavement and go back out into the real world. Attending events, doing old school marketing, radio, print, workshops, etc… its not a bad thing. I don’t see books becoming obsolete anytime soon, so please don’t get fooled into thinking your life begins with your website and ends with your iphone.

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For all 30 Blogalicious lessons learned, read my series of Blogalicious 2010 Adventures.

Blogalicious Lesson #11: Being a Mom Blogger and Working With Brands Can Be Fun + Sesame Streets New Wii and DSi Games for Kids

The video above, click here if you can’t see it is a quick preview of Sesame Streets New Wii and DSi Games shown by my fellow partner in positivity Nikki from the Mommy Factor. The mom side of me, likes to talk about black parenting stuff (hence the black parenting blog), so its cool to look at gadgets for mommy bloggers And also gadgets my son can enjoy.

My son is turning 4 soon so right now I am searching for learning games, doing a TON of runs to Toys R US, Walmart and Target checking out the Leapster Explorer, Wii games for Kids and DSI games for kids. I want them to be fun BUT I really want to focus on learning games so he stays on the right track. Anyhoo, thanks to making great connections, I will be reviewing the new Sesame Street Games soon and I will tell you all about them in case you too have young kids and are looking for learning games they can play.

You know me, I love love love sharing info with you. I love building my business using my blog BUT I am growing to love a very cool perk of mommy blogging, which is being able to test out cool stuff for tech savvy moms like myself And/OR for your kids like my crazy Chris. After all that is how I got to go to the Disney Magical Mocha Moms event and that was very cool! So if you aren’t quite blogging as much as you should be consider all the cool ways blogging can be not just profitable BUT also fun.

If you would like to see more video clips, review my 1st blog post on Sesame Streets new Wii and Dsi Games for Kids.

For all 30 Blogalicious lessons learned, read my series of Blogalicious 2010 Adventures.

Blogalicious Lesson #10: Only Givers Get Good Business Online + Boni Candelario and her Career Coaching Blog

In the video above, click here if you can’t see it, I did a mini-interview with one of my new sister-friends, Boni Candelario, Career Coach and creator of Coach’m Up. After a full day of networking and Saturday Sessions, Nikki suggested we chillax in the Ritz Carlton Jacuzzi, which turned out to be even better of an idea than we thought. Initially I loved the idea because I got a chance to shop for a new bathing suit (not sharing pictures, but sista girl I bought my 1st Bikini – lol). Thank God it was at night, because I wasn’t trying to scare any kids with my love handles, but seriously, in the end our downtime turned into a pretty interesting mastermind session.

As both women bloggers and coaches, Boni and I started talking about the benefits of blogging and using social media to market ourselves online. I casually brought up a discussion I had with another sister-blogger earlier that day. As I told that sista about my graphic design services, she told me that her husband was also a graphics designer BUT very old school. She was curious to know how I managed to keep my business steady and I was eager to give her a few tips.

  • Having My Own Social Network for Business Women (mybbwo.com)
  • Sharing Marketing Advice On My Blog
  • Consistently Tweeting, Creating Videos, and/or Using Facebook Updates to share tips, tools, and updates

I basically told her taking the time to give my know-how and support to other women of color online is what helps me attract attention and consistently get good business. To that she replied she was having a difficult time getting her husband to understand the value of social media to solo entrepreneurs. “He doesn’t want to get into twitter,” she told me. “He said he doesn’t want folks stealing his ideas. He believes in old school marketing, giving out cards and waiting for calls to see what pans out BUT I keep telling him that he has to get with the times.”

Sharing that story literally heated up our Jacuzzi Mastermind session. Both Boni and Nikki pointed out that giving is what social media is all about! We are here to exchange ideas and in the process connect with those who like what we have to say. As we rattled on, we quickly dived into the common question internet entrepreneurs and newbie bloggers ask, “why would anyone listen to me, when there are so many other gurus and big names online?” To that Nikki pointed out that we each have our own unique stories. While the fundamental ideas maybe the same, you might relate more to a coach like Boni than to me (or vise versa). In conversation we really reflected on the idea that there is no room for selfishness when it comes to social media. We all have something unique to give.

Case in point, a few days ago I thanked someone for sharing one of my tweets. To that she tweeted “@thecommoncents @sistasense – anytime… good content is mega-sharable.”

Every time people share my content that translates into support aka no-cost marketing aka word of mouth marketing (digital style). Every time I post something and people click the link to sign up, buy, or try that means my business grows and my cash flow stays steady BUT I can honestly stay Good Business does not happen without consistent creating and giving Good Content. I have to share my marketing series, my business advice, my free reports, my knowledge, my time, my resources, my life … I have to give of me everyday in order to get back relationships, responses, referrals, and return customers in return.

In one of the Blogalicious sessions James Andrews shared this great quote (video replay here), from Gerd Leonhard. It was “Attention is the new currency and data is the new oil.” You can never have enough oil right? Data, information, everybody wants IT online and getting folks Attention well that is where the currency aka (the money) is.

In short, if you ever heard me talk about my 3 P System it is as follows: Plan, Please, then you Profit Online. Most folks jump on the net and forget to please because their pushing for profits BUT it does not work that way. Folks have to buy what you say, before they will buy what you sell SO work on selling your authentic self before you pitch folks on anything else.

Next week I am hosting a live video chat on how to Be A Better Blogger, click here for details on that.

I personally am all about showing you how to use your blog to be more giving and attract more clients, so if you really want to dive into this topic go download my 1st SistaSense Circle audios about Improving your online Sales and creating a Good for Your Business Blog (details here).

For all 30 Blogalicious lessons learned, read my series of Blogalicious 2010 Adventures.

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