(video) Black Business Women On Facebook

The video above is entitled, ‘Black Business Women On Facebook‘. While I normally keep my Facebook Marketing time down to a minimum, I’ve been on FB alot this week. I posted the video tutorial, Social Media Marketing for People Who Don’t Get It and then I had a private consultation with a new client who […]

(video) Why Join the Black Business Women Online Social Network

Last week, one of the sistas in my FB circle asked, “What is Black Business Women Online?” To answer that question and also provide my BBWO circle something they could share, I created the video above, “Why Join the Black Business Women Online Social Network“. Black Business Women Online (www.mybbwo.com) is a space where women […]

(video) How to Tap Into Your Strong Black Woman Power + Don't Be Afraid to Be A Pioneer

The video above click here if you can’t see it, contains a few ‘ahah’ – ‘light bulb’ Lessons Learned at the Women of Power Summit. For the most part, I wanted to create this video because as professional women, black business women there are alot of us who have, are, and in the future will […]

I Am Going: Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit + Watch the Live Stream

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! Ladies and gents in a few days from now I will be at the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit covering the event for Black Business Women Online. In addition to keeping you up to date on the amazing women who will be there you can […]

LaShanda Henry: Google Me

Can I just say that online video technology today absolutely, positively rocks and Google rocks too! The video clip above is LaShanda Henry: Google Me, a quick look into my visibility via Google searching my name, ebooks, and my target audience, “black business women”. I created this video in about 10 minutes for FREE using […]

African American Women in Business: 10 Hottest Business Divas

Have you seen this list from BVMoney? African American Women in Business: 10 Hottest Business Divas Oh to be on this list with Oprah, Tyra, Beyonce, Jada! Oh to beinga billionaire. My mission in life is to focus on dreaming big because when you dream big, you fail far above the rest (lol). Seriously, its […]

FREE MP3 Downloads: Internet Marketing and Small Business Branding Strategies from SistaSense.com

She said to me, “I could listen to you all day… I love your videos and I WISH I could listen to you while I’m driving my car (lol).” It’s been a while since I updated my podcast, “Work and Web Women” and I’ve never really wanted to do my own Blog Talk Radio Show […]

Katrina M. Mitchell – Successful.Sista.Profiles

Katrina M. Mitchell Owner of Fundamentals Relaxation Spa and Eden Service Corporation Fundamentals Spa View more Successful Sista Profiles ————— URL: www.fundamentalsspa.com Katrina M. Mitchell’s Bio: Katrina M. Mitchell is the Owner of Fundamentals Relaxation Spa and Eden Service Corporation. Katrina M. Mitchell is passionate about creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle for women and […]

Sheya Chisenga – Successful.Sista.Profiles

Sheya Chisenga Founder Nurturing Beauty L.L.C. View more Successful Sista Profiles ————— URL: www.naturallynurturingbeauty.com Sheya Chisenga’s Bio: It all began when Sheya Chisenga came to California from her home town of Benton Harbor Michigan with the dream of empowering women. In 2004 she found her mission in life, skin care and empowering woman to treat […]

Althea Francis – Successful.Sista.Profiles

Althea Francis Certified Life Coach MITCEY Coaching & Consulting View more Successful Sista Profiles ————— MITCEY Coaching & Consulting was started to form alliances and to help educate service professionals (such as coaches, consultants, speakers, and virtual assistants) about the benefits of setting up their practice properly in order to thrive online and achieve a […]

Sista Services in Support of Women Entrepreneurs of Color

If you are looking for particular business services or products here are some of the latest featured women entrepreneurs on BBWO: Do you have a natural beauty product and/or are looking to find quality natural products? Connect with Darshall Banks, creator of Aziza Beauty Supply. http://sistapreneurs.ning.com/profile/DarshallBanks78 On the topic of products, find beautiful Home Decor […]