Stop Waiting Start Creating #Motivation #PowerMoves


Are you in a space where you are READY and WAITING to do the next thing, but find yourself with frustrating feelings of being stuck or all over the place? Do you have the angry entrepreneur face on right now?

How many times have you told yourself that you’re ready, but still nothing is really happening yet? Today I want to inspire you to Stop saying you’re ready and start taking Real Action!

First let me tell you where today’s motivational / power moves message is coming from… This has been an AMAZING week.

If you’ve been waiting or deliberating over your next step, today I want to MOTIVATE you to take action – Monetize – and make your next power move really count.

Let me tell you about my week…
Monday, I integrated new download options for my client, MarcusGarveyCubs, where you can download 100 positive audio stories for the black child. We recently launched his new site and he’s already making sales.

Last night, I was chatting it up with one of my VIP Clients, Kim E, as we prepare to launch the new GirlfriendConnect online membership community for the 40+ black woman. And somebody already signed up, before we made the official announcement.

I just finished a clarity call with Janel, one of my favorite Insider Circle members, helping her add a ‘Call Me’ page and payment options, so people can directly sign up to her services online!

You’ve been working so hard on your vision, isn’t it time your website started working BETTER for you? Lean in and let’s talk…

Today I am wrapping up my first Content to Cashflow 4 Day Intensive – helping entrepreneurs create their own digital offers.

Now is the perfect time to start creating your own LPPS – low price point offers before the holidays hit. I know you are ready to do this (smile)…

Look! Look (one) (two) (three) examples of GREAT offers some of our CTC participants, Fire Starter entrepreneurs have created. I know you have one, two, maybe more than a few digital offers you want to create. Right?

If you missed the first intensive, don’t miss round two happening next week.

You can get the replays for Incubator #1 AND/OR register now for Incubator #2.

Stop Waiting and Start Creating
Register today, so you can join us for the next live intensive happening Nov 2nd – 5th.

This is a 4 day intensive and I host two sessions daily; a morning 8am prep call and an evening 8pm tech webinar, so you can work on one digital offer each day.

I know…. 8am is a little early for some, so it’s ok if you miss the morning session BECAUSE promptly after it ends I send you the replay so you can work on your project at some point that day.

And yes, you will get access to all replays, so you can check in at the pace and times that work best for you.

You will also receive a bonus Copy Writing Pro (70min) audio training and a PREP Session replay to help you get started inside our Intensive.

Content to Cash Flow 4 Day Intensive #2
Create 4 Digital Offers in 4 Days
Set Up Shop in time for the Holidays
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Stop Saying You’re Ready – Take Action Today!