SSP 002: 5 Ways to Love On Your Business and Invest In You

When you are a hard working entrepreneur sometimes that passion becomes a pain and you fall out of love for your business. Today I’d like for us to explore 5 things that you can do to love on our business right now and intentionally invest in you.

Show Notes

[1] Create a Space to Create Amazing
[2] Say Thank You with w Great Gift or Offer
[3] Create a Business Investment Jar
[4] Acknowledge Your Daily Accomplishments
[5] Set Your Daily Business Revenue Goals


Resources and Goodies Mentioned on Show

[FREE] WEBINAR – Discover 7 of My Favorite Money Makers
[$97] 3 Months Inside the Fire Starter Circle Mastermind
[$147] 6 Months Inside the Fire Starter Circle Mastermind
[BOOK] Happy Women Live Better by Valorie Burton
[GUIDE] The New Normal Life Design Guide and Workbook
[ORDER] Gadgets and Goodies: Tripods, Books, Mobile Must-Haves


About the Show

The SistaSense Success Podcast show is designed to empower today’s web woman entrepreneur. As the founder of both the SistaSense Power Circle and the Black Business Women Online Network, LaShanda has a wealth of knowledge to share on startups, blogging, information products, marketing, social media, sales and more. Each episode provides inspiration combined with business tech information to help you get focused and stay fired up. This podcast is for today’s internet entrepreneur with special episodes for 9-to-5 entrepreneurs, black women entrepreneurs, bloggers, creatives, lights workers, authors, service professionals, coaches, and stay at home moms who want to turn their online business dreams into real success stories.

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