Right now I have Social Networking / Social Media Marketing ALL Over my brain. While I normally limit myself to only 3 web projects a month, right now I am working on 4 custom ning network projects and 2 wordpress blog projects + redesigning my black parenting + along with maintaining my current 3 ning networks. I am ‘work at home’ working hard right now!

I just had an amazing radio interview with, Deborah Owens Finance Guru and Host of Wealthy Lifestyle Radio (replay below). Next week I am off to social network at Blogalicous Weekend 2010 and THEN two weeks later I will be speaking about Social Networking Essentials at the Extreme Makeover for the Woman Summit & Benefit.

Some how I’ve also managed to host a boat load of giveaways this week (see one, two, three), take my son to Toys R Us for Geoffry’s 49th birthday party last week (adding pics to my facebook page soon) And in an hour from now we are going to the NC Seafood festival today after a day of fun yesterday! When next month hits, I think you’ll have to stick a fork in ME instead of the turkey.

Wealthy Lifestyle Radio with Deborah Owens Audio Replay:
LaShanda Henry Talks about Why some internet entrepreneurs don’t make sales because they are either too social (aka passive) or too aggressive with their marketing. (No audio below? Click here.)

SistaSense Circle Audio Session

Because Social Networking for Women Entrepreneurs is pretty much my thang I recently got my social network, featured in the latest For Dummies Guide – Social Media Marketing All In One! You can see shots of my network, Black Business Women Online and everything! (Pictures Coming Soon … sorry I type faster than I get my photos and videos up). Anyhoo… I’m so excited about all my new found Social Networking Buzz and Business that I decided to give you some of my Social Media Money and Marketing secrets today!

Fact: When I started working at home full time, my first real goal was to make more than I was working in my 9-5. And now, in the last three months my income is 250% larger than it was when I left my job just a few years ago. Much of that growth I can attribute to using social media platforms like my blog AND building my own social network.

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How could I forget, the Sistas Who Sell 7 Day Challenge is $7 | Sign Up Here | Ends Next Week

That’s all she wrote, boys and girls! I am off to have a fabulous time at the Seafood fest and then its back to work for momma! TTFN -lh

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