SistaSense Mag .99 Issue + Small Business Social Events

This is truly the busiest time of the year! So much is going on and I want to make sure everyone stays in the loop. First thing first, do you live in NC? I am launching a new series of local sistasense socials very soon, so we web women can connect offline. Send me an email if you would like an invite to the Eastern North Carolina SistaSense Social and/or if you would like details about sponsoring this event. For those who do not live in NC (don’t worry), our socials will be coming to a city near you soon.

Have you missed any SistaSense Mag Issues? Just this week you can download the special BBWO issue of SistaSense Magazine for .99cents.

Happening Right Now and/or Very Soon

Last thing … I am still looking for BBWO members to feature in upcoming issues of SistaSense Magazine. To submit yourself or someone you know go to and remember to email me if you live in North Carolina and would like to attend our social meetups with other business women.

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