Hit the Reset Button On Your Energy! It is such a beautiful day. The kind of day that makes you want to hit the reset button on your energy, so you can share your amazing with the world. Ladies and gents, as I hit my reset button on my energy level today, I challenge you to do the same. Number one and note to self, don’t give up on the person that you are becoming. You are magic. Why Fight it? And number two, I want you to do something and feel accomplished today. Complete at least one project. I challenge you to do that.

As for my fellow service professionals and information entrepreneurs, show them what you know. Today take the time to answer at least one question for one person or turn one great question into an answer that you can share with the world via video, audio, a text graphic, a blog post, or email.

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I recently posted the video above, plus a few more #entrepreneurlife videos for you:
Video Marketing for People Who Hate Video Marketing
How to Get Where You Want to Be

This month I am challenging myself to complete at least one project each day and I challenge you to do the same.

On Monday I finally launched my SistaSense Success Podcast for women entrepreneurs and it’s now on iTunes.

For today, Tuesday, I am hosting our monthly mastermind prep call and I invite you to join us! Our project this month is to create a fabulous Branded Challenge for your community. I LOVE to create challenges, like the Grow Your Following 7 Day Challenge, for example.

Challenges are a great way to engage your audience. And this is a quality low price point offer that you can create quickly.

Do you want to create your own 7-day or 28-day challenge with the SistaSense Circle?

I can show you how. Tonight, 2/7 at 7pm, inside the Fire Starter Circle Monthly Mastermind, ladies will be working on their fabulous brand challenges for the first quarter. You can go to the Fire Starter Circle page here to sign up and access the call in details.

And here’s a quick power pic from my Fire Start Your Year weekend workshop. The virtual workshop replays are still online here and here is a quick clip from one of our first sessions on the first 3 steps to mapping out your Masterplan. The worksheets and full process are included within the virtual workshop replays. I will also be sharing a few more clips from the live workshop on the virtual replays page this week!

FYI: You can join our monthly mastermind this week for half off.


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Back in the early 2000s my head was filled with dreams of quitting my 9-to-5, working at home and being my own boss. I searched the web for every "Start a Business Online" solution I could find until over time I created my own solutions to making money online. Now I have the pleasure of working at home, on my computer, every day.

I’m hoping my lessons learned can help you discover smart ways to monetize your message online. What do you think? Are you interested in learning more about my MYB solutions? Click here or the button below for more details.


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