PayPal Profits & Power Moves: Finding Your Sweet Spot! (video)

How many startup advisors and social media experts are you following right now? I’m sure there are a thousand things you could be doing or want to do in your business right now. I personally think you should KISS and not me! Keep It Seriously Simple.

There are only 3 things you really need to focus on if you are interested in bringing in more profit and sales into your business and I share that inside our latest Jumpstart Your Business session. Watch the video below, so I can tell you what they are.

Session Notes to Grab:
Sellers Sweet Spot – the key to sustaining a thriving business online is having solid profit potential – amazing offers you are genuinely want to sell and people want to buy. You need people – potential customers, fans, partners and media to take and help you promote your offers. And most importantly you need amazing posts and pages, in other words a “Honey Blog” full of sweet, kick ass content that gets people excited about you and all that you have to offer.


Follow the Rules and Stay the Course:
It may seem like this is taking forever, but is it really taking that long? I’ve been online for over 10 years and working at home for the last 6+ years. If you want this you have to stay the course and EVEN when it feels like nobody is watching you have to blog like they are and keep at it. (1) Create a Honey Blog with Kick Ass Content. (2) Don’t Say Please, Just Please People and they will take notice. (3) Consistently share GREAT Offers that people can refuse. You’ve got to boost your “OOOOOOH Factor” and “WOO” your target audience to boost sales and build a solid community around your business.


If you watched the video above you now know (among other things) that consistency is so crucial to your success. But consistency, staying productive, blogging daily… these are all things that are SUPER hard for most people to do, even me. So… if you need help with any of this stuff let me know.

I can help you set up 90 days worth of blog posts, your monthly 2015 Newsletter, plus your own branded magazine. How? It’s all part of my 2015 Fierce, Focused and Fired Up Mastermind Weekend. You can participate virtually or join me live at the Aloft Hotel in Chapel in NC.

Extra early registration has sold out, this workshop is limited to 10-15 women and our first prep session is happening 11/19/14. It’s best to reserve your spot asap if you’d like to FireUp your blogging for business skills and make the most of my content creation systems for busy web entrepreneurs.

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