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17 thoughts on “Join My Affiliate Program

  1. Richetta Blackmon says:

    I’ve signed up and I’m trying to figure this all out, I’m inthe process of building my site and I defenitly want to feature all of your informative products, I plan on purchasing them myself. Right know I can’t afford to but I’m looking into purchasing a few soon. You are very inspiring and inspirational to me.


  2. Terri Cain says:

    I just purchased you tututorials on Blogging. I am so excited to learn how. I am struggling in my MLM business. It is a great business, but I am challenged building. I was trying to figure out a way to have more interenet presence. I have purchased some of your ebooks that encourage blogging as a way to build relationshipps and credibility. Did not know where to start and I got an email from you about your program on Blogging. I am excited and anxious to learn. I work full time and have three young children at home. I need to desparately leverage my time. I also signed up to be an affiliate. I love all the powerful information you have. My goal in 2010 is to Fire my Boss of 21years. I beleive it will be possible partner with you and all your valuable information. So LaShanda thank you so much.
    Terri Cain/Ohio

    • sistasense says:

      Hi Terri,

      I hope you find the Blogging Series valuable. Please let me know if you have questions once you get started. Like you I have my 2010 goals all planned out, beyond sharing my information I am hoping to help other women generate revenue online via my Affiliate program so I am looking forward to how it all pans out.

      More to come! – LaShanda

  3. vblackwell says:

    Hi Lashanda,

    as you know I have been following you for quite a while since with the BBC. My business has and still is a woek n progress. My companies name is Anointed Affairs weddings and Events, I recently had my webpage set up. Now I am trying to get my name out there, I ordered several of your books a while back, and just this weekend ordered your Blogging for beginners. My Goal is to have a fabulous year planning weddings and events nationwide, I would love to feature your courses and material on my website. Please sigh me up. Stay strong in the Lord he is doing wonderful things in your life and business.

  4. nburney1 says:

    Thanks Lashanda for giving us this opportunity to join your affiliate program. I am actually going back to school on Jan. 4th, 2010 for my Internet Marketing Masters Degree and I am so excited. I presently have a BS in Marketing and I do understand how important internet marketing is. Partnering with you with all of your knowledge and completeing my Internet Marketing Masters Degree I believe will start me off to a fresh online career. Thanks so much and Happy New Year!

    • sistasense says:

      I’m always excited to hear someone new has joined the Affiliate =20 Program. My goal is to help other women generate revenue online by sharing my how-to products with others. When you signed up, you should have received a welcome email from me. I periodically send out how-to emails to help motivate and educate affiliates on how to best promote the products. I see you also signed up for the blogging for beginners course, let me know if you have questions.

      Setting up an information blog is a great way to share your expertise and promote affiliate products. Though I do now offer my products for re-sale, through the affiliate program you can earn 30% commissions for each sale you make. As you might have seen, the ‘Blogging for Beginners’ course is actually $149, which equates to app $44 =20 commissions for affiliates.

      LaShanda Henry
      Web Expert and Internet Marketing Coach

  5. wirequeen says:

    You are one of the few people I have actually seen make money on the web. So I’m impressed. Not easily done. I’m looking forward to how your affiliate program can benefit me. I have become the SEO Queen. I sent 5000 to 6000 people to etsy, so they and google love me. But it has not benefited me in sales. I have to change my approach for 2010 and make those numbers benefit me.

  6. Ayesha says:

    I am just starting my catering and event planning business we will also sell baked goods and meal delivery services. I just purchased your How to Sell Online Starter Kit for Beginners and I’ve also signed up for your affiliate program. My company is not fully operational yet but we plan to be within 6 months-1year; is there any advice you could give me to help with the sale of this type of service online?

    • sistasense says:

      With your line of business I would recommend making local connections first to start building your client list. If you are on my social network – Black Business Women Online – ( I suggest searching for people local to your area. You can also look into local meetups for entrepreneurs on

  7. Diane says:


    Your videos are packed with a wealth of information. I have truly enjoyed them. Is there any advice you could share as to how to drive more visitors to my web site and how to sell my first ebook to generate more revenue and clients for my security consulting business? The book is for those interested in obtaining and maintaining a personnel security clearance.

    • sistasense says:

      Thanks Diane. My quick response to your question is this: the key to driving traffic is twofold: before you event market your website … make sure it is information packed with answers, resources, excerpts of your book, links to similar sites, etc. People won’t stay on or return to any empty website. On the flip side you have to make it easy for your target audience (people interestested in personnel security clearance) can find you. Do you know about SEO? Do you know what keywords they use when the search for websites? Do you know what kind of information your target audience is looking for online? Do you know if there are other books that cover your topic or market to your audience?

      These are a few things to think about. I do have an ecourse entitled ‘How to Find Customers Online’ with more details on marketing your website / driving traffic to your space: This ecourse is also available as part of my Black Business Starter Kit: -lh

  8. MsOlivia says:

    I am still following you around and absorbing all of your information. I have joined your affiliate program. I was listening to as many videos as I could, then told myself take one segment at time so I am working on building promote me club and incorporate affiliate marketing into it. If you can take a look at my site and give me a few suggestions that would be awesome.

  9. ctmarable says:

    I am the founder of an educational consulting / college planning business. How or can your your affiliate program match with my business? I am excited about my new business and I want to the word to get out about my services. Thanks

  10. spiritfyld73 says:

    I was a little confused on the copy and paste info to put in on your website. Just a little help. I want to put on my blog, website and you tube channel. Please advise, where I can put the links? Thanks, Cassandra 😉

    • admin says:

      Sorry, I’m not clear on what you mean? You go to ejunkie, get your affiliate link code, and then put that on your website. There are videos on this page you can watch to walk you through the process.

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