(next call) Authenticity & Client Attraction: Sharing Your Truths Online

When it comes to connecting with customers online what is more important to you – being real perfect or being a real person?

During my time online I’ve come to realize that while other women respect what it is that I do our relationships are often built on the fact that they relate to my truths; those things that define who I really am.

Being “Real Authentic” is actually easier said than done. For many women entrepreneurs there is a great deal of desire to just “BE”. But at the same time there is an even greater amount of FEAR around being exposed as “an imposter”, “inexperienced”, “not good enough”, “not polished enough”, or “not qualified”.

It can be very challenging to confidentially promote your business based on where you are when you are trying to present yourself as the one who’s “Got It All Together”. In reality no one is perfect and experience has shown that folks will connect with you more when they feel they can relate to you better.

For our next Jumpstart Your Business Call, tomorrow night 3/27/14 at 7pm EST we will explore Authenticity & Client Attraction: How to BE Comfortable Sharing Your Truths Online.

If you really want to build buzz, blog and get people to notice you more online then I hope you can join our next call. My goal is to help you get comfortable in your own skin, feel more confident in your abilities and start talking TO people more rather than simply talking AT them all the time.

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