Can we talk? This summer has been quite a ride! I just turned 30, went to NY for a month, got my Twitter Tips featured on Black, bought a new car and BOY AM I Tired. Now that I’ve spent way too much time on me, I am ready to direct my focus back to you. How are things? Do you have a game plan for the last 6 months of 2010?

Folks keeping asking me about calls and consultations, so I know you probably have some questions. That is why I am starting BBWO Weekend Workshops: training webinars all about Driving More Business to Your Business, Selling eBooks the Right Way, improving your marketing and more. I’ve got an early bird special for those who signup first. For details visit I would love to know what you think about these new workshop webinars, so be sure to leave me a comment and feel free to suggest topics.

I am also doing a summer close out. With 6 months left in the year, I thought you OR one of your friends might like a little extra guidance to help figure all this stuff out. SO I am bringing back the Black Starter Kit Close Out. You can get it for $97 (because you are one of my favorite blog subscribers) and everybody else has to pay the full $197. Give it to a friend, if you don’t need it. There are only 17 Starter Kits available for this promo (just letting you know in case you procrastinate like me). Code: BBBSK97 | Click here to Download

Last BUT not Least. I wanted to share some photos from my very long business trip in NY. I might add some videos to my youtube channel later. More to come! lhenry | @sistasense

My 1st Official Article! LaShanda Henry Shares Effective Twitter Marketing Tips … I went to Black Enterprise Headquarters while I was in NY, I met some great people.
LaShanda Henry - Twitter Marketing Article Black

My 1st Radio (In Studio) Interview with the wonderful Martin Pratt, 90.3 FM, the Voice of Harlem – Technocolor Show

LaShanda and Martin Pratt, iLuvBlackWomen

We took Chris everywhere fun! Coney Island, Central Park Zoo, Natural History Museum… all the pics are on my FB page.

I had a wonderful lunch / pow-wow session with power house Laura Hinds. I love connecting with my fellow business savvy sistas.


I had to reconnect with Onica, one of my fellow Disney Magical Mocha Moms. We took the kiddies to Coney Island and the NY Aquarium. What a day!



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