My 15 Plus Websites … want to see?

I’ve been doing a few interviews this week, coming out of my shell *smile* and the question I often get is … “Do you really have over 15 websites?” Well … yes. I’ve been online for almost 10 years, and I’ve been designing what I call “positive websites for people of color” for a long time. I’m a typer not a talker, pr was never my strong point so I guess I’m one of those folks you might never see on the cover of Essence or Black Enterprise … well at least not any time soon. I’m a regular work at home mom. No corporate gig or high end connections, just hard work, dedication and a WHOLE LOT Of passion for what I do.

Why so many websites? Well I’ve been doing this for years, so I didn’t make these sites overnight. Plus, my websites are an extension of myself. When I got pregnant, I created the black moms club. When I was freshly out of my teens, I wanted to do an ezine for teens. When I turned my side hustle into a full time gig, I wanted to create a space to connect with women entrepreneurs of color. When my hubby said go turn your poems into a book, I made them books and then created the sites to match. *lol* Each website has a story. And clearly I don’t do it strictly for the money, cause I’m not quite a six figure sister yet!

But I make a wonderful living doing what I do. This is my dream turned into a reality, in spite of little support from others and even less start up capital to get me going. My shoe string budget was more like thread *lol*. 100% of my income comes from the internet, from people who find me, trust me, and respect what I do. Every dollar I earn is hard earned and I value that over anything else. I get to be a work at home mom. I get the blessings and wonderful emails from all my loyal readers and followers. I get the satisfaction of knowing that I am contributing to the betterment of the black community at large, in my own little way.

So yes, I’ve got over 15 websites today and you can expect 15 plus more in the future! PR or no PR, this is my story and I’m sticking to it!

1. Multiple Shades of You Online

2. LaShanda Henry

3. Black Business Women Online

4. Black Moms Club

5. Black Hairopedia

6. SistaSense

7. Business Women of Color

8. Web Tech Gurl

9. Mahogany Momma Magazine

10. Black Girl Click

11. Black WomeNetwork

12. Work and Web Women

13. Black Parenting Blog

14. Black Entrepreneurs Online

15. Black Writers Connect

16. Women of Color Coach

17. Urban Chique Boutiques

18. Pretty Professional Websites

19. Successful Sista Profiles

20. Local Black Classifieds

21. Lil Bits Kids Books

22. A Better Today Brings a Brighter Tomorrow

23. The eZine for Teen Girls of Color

24. Smart Business Sista

25. Startup Sistas

26. Afrocentric Learning Tools

27. What Black Women Think

p.s. I design, market, and maintain every single one of my websites by myself. My Columbia University degree in Computer Science came in handy *wink*. Plus I’ve always loved to write and draw, so put them together and this is what you get. I started out on a small budget so I put on many hats and I proudly continue to do so. I can tell you everything I tell you because I learned it from scratch and I’m proud to say that I did it my way – mistakes and all.

3 thoughts on “My 15 Plus Websites … want to see?

  1. carol_loulou says:

    Luv u girl. When i grow up i want to be like you!!! I don’t have a degree in computer science but I’m somewhat coputer savvy. I learn pretty quickly…i get it. I’m gonna read everything you’ve got and learn from the best.

  2. Furlady says:

    Lashanda, I follow you online a lot, I know you put in tons of hard work and time in what you do, The fact is you do it so well.

    I personaly admire you because you give so much.

    I will always follow you in whatever you do.

    When to get to the Oprah Show, Wave to your fans !
    Keep putting it down girl, I know it’s hard work but you are doing a awesome job.

    inspriration to so many.
    Fur Blessings,

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