Make Sense of Making Money Online

When I discovered the internet, the letters WWW did not mean “World Wide Web”, for me these words described the new Wild Wild West. Back in the early 2000s my head was filled with dreams of quitting my 9-to-5, working at home and being my own boss. The Dot Com Boom created an opportunity for me to claim my peice of digital pie and I was not going to let that opportunity pass me by. I searched the web for every “Start a Business Online” solution I could find until over time I created my own solutions to making money online. Now I have the pleasure of working at home, on my computer, every day. I’m hoping my lessons learned can help you discover smart ways to monetize your message online. If you feel the same way too, let’s get this MYB Party started!

Monetize Your Blog FREE Mini-Course

Monetize Your Blog Lessons Learned

Did you click here and active your MYB Free Mini-Course? If yes, wonderful! Now let’s talk about the basics of monetizing your blog. #1 as I’ve mentioned before, there are only three ways to make money online. You can sell your own stuff, sell other people’s stuff, or sell advertising space on your website. You will find every business owner you come across online is simply doing a variation of one or all of the above three things. In the videos below I will give you a quick overview of this concept, plus share my favorite MYB Rule – AHSTS – Always Have Something to Say, Always Have Something to Share and Always Have Somehting to Sell! Watch the video below to find out why its vital you have all three of these strategies working for you. As in most cases, finding the right balance will help you boost your business.

Monetize Your Blog Smart Start Solutions

MYB Smart Start Solution #1
If you are new to the concept of Monetizing Your Blog and/or new to SistaSense, start with my Monetize Your Blog FREE Mini-Course. In this 8 Day series I provide you with an overview of my 7 Favorite Ways to Make Money online including quick daily audio sessions for you to listen to, plus detailed videos full of SMART techniques and tools you can try. My goal is to help you turn the word ‘MONEY’ into ‘MY ONE’ and find ‘Your One’ Profit Project to start with.

(video) Create A WordPress Blog for Your Business In Under 10 Minutes
MYB Smart Start Solution #2
Raise your hand if this sounds familiar … You have a long list of things that you want to improve on your blog, but you can never seem to find the time to do it. Or you are super ready to finally monetize your blog, but you don’t know where to start. Let’s Tackle Both of These Together inside the SistaSense Monetize Your Blog Mastermind. Inside the MYB Mastermind we will cover the following:

  • Passive Income Streams: Setup and Promote Affiliate Offers on Your Blog
  • How to Get Paid With Free Content: Optins to Upsells
  • Create Your Own Brand Offers and Enhance Your eStore

This Mastermind is also connected to my SistaSense Weekend Workshop live in North Carolina. Over the course of three days we will work on your blog monetization skills. Our profit project for the latest MYB workshop is creating your own Mini-Course.

MYB Smart Start Solution #3
SistaSense is all about helping you make sense of making money online. With that said, I’d like to share with you my complete collection of ecourses; audio and video training series designed to help you setup and sell online. Starting with the Monetize Your Blog Mastermind Series and My Triple X Your Success System to trainings on Creating Your Own Challenges, Brand Magazines, Membership Websites and More! Browse my complete collection of virtual courses and get instant access to the budget-friendly MYB Bundle that’s peferfect for you today!