From: LaShanda Henry
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Dear Success Seeker:

lashanda-chrisIt seems like only yesterday, I was sitting in my Brooklyn apartment dreaming about what it would be like to be a mom, start a business and own my own home. Fast forward tens years to this day; I am in my home office, with my son playing in the yard while I write this message, “I have been blessed with opportunities to work with amazing brands, businesses and highly driven women just like you.”

My startup story is proof that we all have the power to live our dreams. You can achieve your vision of success. But first, you have to believe if you wish to achieve.

Think about it. Think about what you want your life to look like. Think about the projects you want to complete, the people you wish to serve and the loved ones with whom you desire to spend all your time.

If you have a vision in mind, let’s talk about how to not only make it real BUT how to Triple X Your Success SistaSense Style…

As you go through the day to day responsibilities of being an entrepreneur at some point you develop your own system; a unique way of doing things that helps you increase sales, optimize your productivity and maximize your success.

When I sat down and took a close look at my processes, I realized that as a team of one I taught myself how to do the job of three and get things done three times faster. As I dug deeper into my methods to making money online I soon discovered one interesting truth; at practically every point of my entrepreneurial journey thus far I have developed strategies that helped me to not just double, but triple my sales.

This revelation lead to the creation of the Triple X Success system that I would now like to share with you.

LaShanda Henry - aka SistaSenseInside Triple X Success
Learn How to Triple Your Revenue
Get Things Done Three Times Faster
Tap into the SistaSense 3K Challenge

Create Your Success Map Intensive
Stop spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to make things happen. Get focused and fired up by creating a clear, easy to follow success map for your sales and business projects this year.

We will cover:
TXS Your Core & Customer Base
TXS Your Cashflow & Sales
TXS Your Funds, Rates & Return

Periscope Your Way to Profits
Learn how to promote your products and services on Persicope using SistaSense SMART social media marketing solutions. Discover my 5 BIG secrets to sales and more!

Blogging for Business Intensive
Let’s work on your blog content, client attraction, community building and cashflow boosting skills together.

We will cover:
Speak up: Boost Buzz & Engagement
Keep up: List Building & Email Marketing
Create Your Own 90 Day Newsletter

Inside the 3K Challenge
I want to take you inside my startup story and show you how I went from making my first steady 3K per month online to learning how to bring in an extra 3K as you work your way towards building your own 5 Figure, 6 Figure or 7 Figure business online.

We will cover:
Learn the SistaSense 10 Tens System
Try the Extra $3k in 30 Days Project
Discover 10 Ways to Market Offers

What Ladies Are Saying About SistaSense & Triple X Your Success

tracyI had to take a Power Pause after attending the Triple X Success virtual intensive this weekend with LaShanda Henry. Well, a decision has been made, LaShanda Henry is more INTENSE than I already knew and I know her, WOW. My word for her this weekend was #INTENSE. Now, I’ve known her for quite some time and even attended her face-to-face at the Aloft Hotel in NC and broke bread with her in New York, but what she did this weekend made a new Woman out of me. My mind is blown. How is all of that which she shared is in her? Fire, fire, fire, fire, fire…

If you have never attended one LaShanda Henry’s events, sign up for the REPLAY of Triple X Success. Fully engage yourself in it and I guarantee your profits will INTENSIVELY GROW. She got me “good” nervous ahd “good” shook-up with all the “good-good” she poured into us this weekend. Yes, she over-delivered.

The 3K Challenge: The $3,000 month challenge alone with all of the areas of influence to choose from gives me chills just thinking about it seriously and that is just a low-ball number for the sake of the exercise that was given during this intensive. Trust and believe you will gain so much more and it is well worth the investment.

I feel Fierce, Fired, Focused, Jump-Started, Fired, Fired, Fired, A Power Mover making Moves, Blessing Have Been Unblocked, Web-Woman’ed, Started-Up, Jump Started, BBWO’d and now comes IMPLEMENTION.

LaShanda Henry you are DEEP beyond MEASURE… You are a #SuperWoman, that you are and I thank you for your time with me!

-undercover comedian Tracy RésuméWorkshop Cooper (insider)

tracyThank you. Listened to most of the first webinar in TXS and I got so much of my life! I resigned from my job effective in May, to pursue my purpose full-time. These tools are already super helpful and I’m no where close to finish. See lots of my peeps in here, so I know I’m in good company.

-A Rogers

If you close this page, you will lose out on this opportunity FOREVER. The truth is, a year from now you will WISH you started today.

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sistasense-lashandahBONUS #1:
SistaSense Fire and Focus Magazine Issue

Blogging for Business 6-Part Webinar Series

Watch an extra 2 Hr Training on How to create and sell your own custom branded CDS online, which is a great way to repurpose your content (videos, audios, ebooks and more).