Inside Browsers to Buyers Boot Camp

More Traffic isn’t the ONLY thing you need to generate more sales online.
Ever heard of conversion marketing? Before people will buy what you sell, they have to buy what you say. There are strategies you need to know if you want to to covert more of your website visitors into actual customers.

The BEST Marketing Strategy is to get BETTER at Conversion Marketing
Inside Browsers to Buyers Boot Camp – 5 Session Intensive – I will help you learn how to create better connections between your offers and the people you are trying to reach.

Most web entrepreneurs online are struggling to generate a few sales, let alone steady sales. How is it for you? Are you happy with your current results?

What are you doing to improve sales?
Beyond pushing the latest social media trend or lead generator tool, what are your “Gurus” saying? Who is willing to tell you how they REALLY convert browsers to buyers? I am.

Conversion Marketing Is Key

Truth is, Conversion marketing matters most.
Its the heart of every marketing solution you can possibly try. Whether you are trying to reach people via your Website, Emails, Google, YouTube, Facebook (or any other channels) IF you can’t convert website browsers into buyers all that “traffic” ain’t worth a can of beans!

99% of My Sales are from Online Customers.
I know the steps you need to follow to convert more visitors. Its what I do to generate sales daily and get all those ‘Other Marketing’ strategies to work better.

The struggle doesn’t haven’t to be REAL forever!
Get the answers you need inside this Browsers to Buyers Boot Camp. Over 5 sessions I will provide you with a complete break down of the strategies that work for me and 4 activities to create a 4 week (30 Day Action Plan) to better help you work on your Customer Conversion and Sales efforts. You will also receive bonus sessions on WHY People Buy and how that affects your bottom line.

Best of All You’ll Learn My 4 Step System to Converting Browsers to Buyers
I am almost certain you know one or even two of these steps, but you are probably missing crucial techniques and/or completely skipping the MOST IMPORTANT STEP #3, which is probably killing your ability to make more sales and close more details.

Inside Browsers to Buyers Boot Camp You get:

Audio Session #1
4 Steps to Convert Browsers to Buyers
Killer Offers: 1 Change that Changes Everything

Audio Session #2
Browsers to Buyers Website Conversions
30 Day Action Plan Activity #1

Audio Session #3
Browsers to Buyers Email Conversions
30 Day Action Plan Activity #2

Audio Session #4
Browsers to Buyers Social Media Conversions
30 Day Action Plan Activity #3

Audio Session #5
Browsers to Buyers Direct Contact Conversions
30 Day Action Plan Activity #4

5 Audios Sessions
4 Week Action Plan Activities
Bonus sessions on WHY People BUY





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