(video replay) Key Trends for 2014: What Women Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Those who show up, go up! -Pam Perry

If you are serious about expanding your brand next year, learning smart marketing strategies and building your own lucrative business it is essential that you stay on top of the trends. You need to know how to reach your customers today, what mindsets or strategies can hurt your sales and what tools can help your run a better business.

Free up one hour and watch the replay of last night’s live broadcast with some of my power circle experts on the topic, Key Trends for 2014: What Women Entrepreneurs Need to Know.

We talked about a range of topics from personal mindset, to branding, business models and the latest is social media strategies + web applications for entrepreneurs.

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Watch Replay Now: www.sistasense.com/live

What Sistas Are Saying about the latest SistaSense Live Broadcast:

“Beautiful job. Watched the replay and much of what I heard resonated with what I’m seeing. Thanks for sharing such valuable info (as always) so others can learn how to ramp it up!” – Tanya Smith

“This is so informative and on point, Thank You!” -Yes Lioness

“This was AMAZING!! Great tips ladies!!! So blessed by this video tonight for sure!!” – Kenesha M.

“Great webinar. I learned a lot. Great end of the year messages.

  • Carol: thanks for telling me to be authentic, real
  • Jai: thanks for telling me to make do with what i have, stop trying to be a celebrity and just be me. tell people the truth, Your message is your story.
  • Pam: show up and go up. Be there. Do it.
  • Richelle- I do read your emails at time. you are too the point, raw and unapologetic.- powerful speaker. Had lots to say. I know people who learn and then they think they can teach it.
  • LaShanda: your are right, even your own family do not listen or read your messages.

Thanks for all your do LaShanda. YOU ARE THE GREATEST” – Renee Wiggins

Watch Replay Now: www.sistasense.com/live

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