Today’s woman entrepreneur needs to be web savvy with a strong understanding of online marketing, sales, blogging and social media. Inside the SistaSense Circle, you can get your BIG small business questions answered at your pace, on your time.

SistaSense Power Circle


SistaSense is built on three powerful circles. The Fire Starter Circle is our monthly mastermind group. The Insider Circle is the private mentorship program, in which you receive 2 monthly 1-on-1 private SistaSense Clarity Calls plus access to the monthly mastermind. And my team of Power Circle Experts, powerhouse women entreprenuers who are passionate about helping you bulid your best business, life and self. The success of your business depends on the company that you keep. My goal is to make sure you are in great company with the support you need to succeed.

$27 for 30 Days $97 for 90 Days Insider Circle Mentorship Program 1-On-1 Calls Get Fire and Focus for Life


Do you have questions? Email SistaSense or use the voicemail grey tab on the right side of this page, if you would like to send me a voice message. I will get back to you as soon as I can.