Are you a highly-driven Black Woman Entrepreneur, Creative, Service Provider or Professional who is SO ready to get clear and move closer towards actualizing your vision of success?

Ignite your Fire within and WIN inside this year’s Back to Business virtual conference specially designed with career professionals and female entrepreneurs in mind. This year’s seventh annual virtual conference is October 26, 2017. Our agenda is “Start Here: Get Clear and Move Closer towards Success in Life and in Business.”

Back to Business is the ultimate virtual conference for serious sisters in need of real talk business training, mentorship and direction around Money, Marketing, and Sales from experienced, successful “Six and Seven Figure Sisters” who understand where you are coming from AND can provide you with the right steps to get to where you want to be.

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Back to Business and Back on Track

Now is the time to get clear, so you can move closer towards your vision of success. Discover the strategies that six and seven figure entrepreneurs are using to to succeed in today’s market.

Our goal is to help you fast track your web business growth with clarity, connections and confidence. We want to give you the right tools to move beyond all things that might be holding you back, so you can power through to your best you.

From building your business to your best self, using technology to smart marketing solutions, we are going to explore essential aspects of starting and maintaining successful businesses online and across the globe.

Meet Our Power Circle Experts

LaShanda Henry

Small List, Big Results
How to Promote Your Business and generate steady profit online even if you only have a small email list or social following.

Dr. Venus

5 Strategies 7-Figure Sisters Use to Build
Service-Based Businesses to their 1st Million with Ease while breaking generational curses & making a REAL difference in the world!


Kim Coles

Find Your Personal POP
Kim Coles shares the secret to finding your Purpose on this Planet, so you can share your GIFTS with the world.


Tretta Bush

Consistent Cash Flow On Your Terms
Learn how to get paid faster, create efficient payment processes, and control your cash flow with Your Favorite Accountant, Tretta Bush.


Catherine Soliz-Rey

Wake The F(fierceness) Up
Learn the 9 Ways to stop playin', take
charge of your life, and start becoming the women you want to be now.

Abiola Abrams

Living Abundantly
How to Unblock Your Money
Change Your Life By Changing Your Money Mindset and Abundance Mentality.

Jai Stone

Catapult Your Brand Through Speaking
The Secret to getting booked and
becoming a Paid Professional Speaker
with a Bad-Ass Brand

Becky A Davis

Pray Through to Break Through
A powerful life and business practice
for Christian Women Entrepreneurs who
Think Big, Pray Hard and Wait Expectantly

Sharvette Mitchell

The Facebook IT Factor
Build Your Online Platform
Using these Smart Start Secrets to
Facebook Marketing Success

Richelle Shaw

Million Dollar Equation creator shares
How to Add $100k to $1M to Your Business Instantly Without Adding Employees, overhead or a big marketing budget

Lisa Marie Goodson

The Spiritual Art of Selling
Sell or Be Sold: The Best Sales and Business Practices for Healers, Beauty Experts, Health and Wellness Professionals

Cameka Smith

BOSS Network Founder
Cameka Smith Shares How to
Build a Kickass Tribe by
Activating Faith over Fear

Lynette Crosby

Close Your Core and Open Yourself Up to Greatness – How to overcome internal and external whispers, so you can start to feel better, fulfill your purpose and speak your truth.

Ronisha Shead

Becoming A Boss
How to carve out time to be a
part-time entrepreneur while
working in your 9-to5 "bridge job"

LaShanda Henry

Working With WordPress
A getting started training for beginners
on setting up your WordPress website, adding posts, pages, social media content and more.

Marcyline Bailey

Break Away from the Vortex of Crazy.
Tap into simple relaxation methods and stress relief techniques for hardworking
professionals who want to be happy.

Tieshena Davis

How to Think Like a Bookpreneur
Discover SMART start book publishing, marketing and sales steps that
every new author needs to know.

Fay Lawrence

Professional and Polished
The steps every entrepreneur and career professional needs to take to create a LinkedIn Profile that turns heads and attracts attention.

Are you ready to go from frustrated and fuzzy to fired up and focused? Are you looking for new ways to enhance your business? Are trying to figure out how your small business idols are currently living the dream you want to be your reality? I believe the success of your business depends on the company you keep, which is why I invite you inside the SistaSense Power Circle for our annual Back to Business virtual conference.

Calling on the expertise of some amazing professionals within my circle, I once again want you to be in the company of powerful entrepreneurs who are passionate about seeing you succeed.

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