Sell More. Make More: How to Increase Your Profit Per Sale by 50% (audio)

As part of my Jumpstart Your Business weekly teleclass series, our last call was all about generating more profit per sale. In between finding new ways to drive traffic to your website, you want to focus on techniques that can help you make more money from your current traffic and existing customer base.

Client attraction takes time. It’s important that you learn how to:

  • Provide your potential customers with options
  • Strategically upsell every time someone is interested in buying
  • Consistently close deals
  • Deter customers from leaving your shopping cart
  • Consistently get previous customers to buy again

As I mentioned in a previous teleclass, return sales boost sales, so let’s talk about some creative ways for you to generate more profit per sale!

Within the audio session below I go through several methods that I’ve used to build my list of satisfied paying customers while bringing in a steady influx of revenue into my business.

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Remember: anybody can make money online. If you made even one sale this week, technically speaking you did make money. The key is to make the kind of money that goes beyond generating a few sales. You want to make the kind of money online that puts a big smile on your face and an event bigger check in your bank account!

Enjoy the audio above and leave me a comment. Let me know which one of these strategies you think you will try first.

Trying to work on your sales skills?

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