As part of my Jumpstart Your Business weekly teleclass series, our last call was entitled, ‘How to Get Rid of Broke Buyers and Freebie Seekers + Attract Serious Paying Customers’.

This session continues our discussion on engaging customers online. It is actually inspired by a request from one of the lovely ladies in my circle who said:

LaShanda, how do you stop attracting people who make excuses for not wanting to pay and people who schedule a meeting with you but don’t show up? I’m getting tired of this and ready to stop attracting this into my business. -TC

Inside our latest teleclass I talk about how entrepreneurs and service professionals can:

1. Keep the non-paying browsers happy, but at a distance
2. Keep the buyers coming back for more
3. Get paid for free consultations
4. Get customers to respect my time + skills
5. Generate steady sales / cash flow as a service professional

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+More on client attraction and sales for service professionals


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