How Do You Blog: By the Book Or From the Heart?



When it comes to building relationships with people online, I believe that authenticity is key. You know that right? We all say that. But what else is essential when it comes to blogging the right way; in a way that generates both likes and leads (popularity and profit). I recently listened to a great podcast by Darren Rowse, the creator of ProBlogger and he talked about this very topic: How to Blog from the Heart.

I often times find this is something many blog entrepreneurs struggle with. Some entrepreneurs schedule clarity sessions with me and share stories of frustration that usually stems from them creating tons of motivational blog posts, but not making any money. And then there are others who try a more technical approach, asking about the right SEO tools to use or the perfect number of keywords to add, or times to post per week.

Darren sheds light on the fact that while some people are all heart when they post and some people try to do it by the book, you really need a combination of the two to see the results that you are looking for.

If you are not seeing results from your blogging and feel like giving up, I highly recommend you go an take a list: How to Blog from the Heart.

I would love to know how is blogging working for you right now? And also how are you blogging: by the book, from the heart, or both? Let’s talk  blogging for business and see what comes out of the conversation.

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