Higher Love: Power Through the Panic and Work From the Heart

Higher Love - Working From the Heart


To some degree, we are currently in a state of personal, political and professional panic. And panic is contagious. Between facebook posts, social and private conversations, at any given moment it’s hard to decide between crying or screaming, working or worrying, praying or preaching, giving up or getting up. Right now something has to lift us up while at the same time keep us grounded. I think it’s something powerful that most of us either have access to our can create. Let me explain.

This past weekend I hosted a three-day weekend workshop. For more reasons than I care to mention, I found myself constantly being bombarded with obstacles, issues, tragedies, delays and setbacks. There were moments when I just wanted to belt out Rihana’s lines, “What Now! I just can’t figure it out? What Now? Somebody tell me, what now?” With the exception of one person, all my attendees were having delayed arrivals which caused our 9am sessions to start at noon! I left my mouse and hdmi cords at home, how ever was I going to connect my laptop to show the presentations? Political chaos was literally in my own backyard, and I was trying to figure out how to address difficult conversations with neighbors while keeping the peace and keeping my cool. Things were going wrong all around me and every thing within me wanted to break, but instead I broke through. I knew I had an event to host and women to support, so panic was not an option. With every step, I squeezed those lemons into lemonade, not just for me, but for everyone around me. Miraculously, an HDMI cord was found. I had an Oprah moment and felt compelled to giveaway headsets and mobile mouse devices to all my attendees. Their squeals of joy and excitement filled the air. We started late and yet right own time. We covered eCourse Creation, Smart Passive Income, Savvy Seller eMails and Video Marketing sessions as I planned. I heard their laughter, held their hands and breathed in a deep break of satisfaction all while balancing every unexpected obstacle being thrown my way.

I was not the only one with battles to fight. Each woman there had a personal, political and professional panic they were trying to overcome. At some point one of my dear clients found herself in a personal/ technical meltdown; it seemed like nothing was working right. She felt her creativity being stifled. She felt the weight of anxiety trying to get us much as she could get done during our time together, and yet feeling behind. We took a walk. She needed to breathe and let a few tears fall. In a calming voice, I created a plan of action for her and assured her that she was working at the right pace and we would complete all that she set out to accomplish. I could feel her heart get lighter from the smile lifting on her face. so we walked back into the session to do our heart’s together.

She said to me, “I know you and your family go through things, but you all seem so laid back. It’s beautiful, such divine love.” I told her that at some point I realized, in life ,if you panic, the people around you will as well, so the best course of action for me is always to stay calm and find a way not to emotionally react to obstacles, but rather intentionally overcome them. She said to me, that morning she had heard a powerful message about the very topic we were discussing. It goes as follows:

I love this card that popped up for you, because it is crystal clear with its message: Keep the Faith in God’s Miracles. Lower negative energy wins if we give into fear or pessimism. This is a time where you are called into leadership, as a healer and positive role model. You have an inner strength that perhaps you have already tapped into during difficult times. The world needs your strength right now. It reminds me of those times when I’ve been on an airplane in heavy turbulence. The captain calls the flight attendants to take their seats. All the passengers look at the faces of the flight attendants to see if they are afraid or peaceful. If the flight attendants look peaceful, the passengers remain peaceful during the turbulence. Its the same with you – your children and other people are looking to you during times of turbulence. Today remember that you can lean upon the strength and energy of God, Jesus and your angels.

Many of us just naturally react based on the reactions of others around us. My calm and focus created her calm and focus. As we both stood there turning transforming feelings of balance into purpose the world shifted. Inside my amazing power circle of power women, we worked on our projects, laughed, wrapped up an amazing workshop and returned to our homes safely.

Today, the morning after this weekend full of care and chaos, my head is filled with personal, political and professional panic yet again. How are we going to fix this … situation? How am I going to get through this … situation? When is there going to be a change in this … situation? These questions flowed out of my like heavy rain in a thunderstorm. I had not even left the bed and the pressure if “being” was already setting in my head until I heard a light ping. It was a message from my client. She said, “You know your love keeps lifting me higher! I am so glad finally found you. You are that one in a million!”

Along with this message, she said me her “Faith In Humanity” Playlist below with the music video “Higher and Higher”. I smiled. My hips began to swing. As my feet lifted from the ground I thought to myself, “YESSSSSSSS, this is it!” Our best solution to powering through the panic that surrounds us is to see God shine through among us. We just need to constantly and collectively pour calmness back into each other. Just as I was able to do this for her yesterday, she did this for me today, and hopefully now I can do this for you.

I don’t know what we are going to do about the state of America today, but I do know that I will do my part to speak on injustices that I see and have personally experienced as a woman, the partner of a strong black man and mother of an amazing son.

I don’t know if I can perfectly navigate social conversations well enough right now to balance out personal and political with professional and promotional, but I will try.

I don’t know when I will see my next break through and reach these new goals that I have set for myself, but I will keep going in the face of uncertainty, anxiety and the everyday demands of being a bread winner and business owner.

Here is what I do know; Have Faith in Humanity, in Yourself and above all else in God. Know that if you do your heart’s work with genuine love it does make a difference to someone, somewhere. Know that HE is watching and if you are open to hearing him, he will speak to you through the right divine voices around you. Right now something has to lift us up while at the same time keep us grounded and that something is each other.

A special thank you to my client and dear friend, Lynette Crosby, Light-worker and Creator of All Roads Lead to Ascension.

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