Grow Your Web Business Tip #4: Are you setting list building goals?

As a web entrepreneur I am going to assume that you know the importance of building an email list. I hope that you know your list is your biggest asset because it provides you with direct access to the people who want to buy the products and services you sell. I am also going to assume that you, like most web entrepreneurs are looking for smart ways to double if not triple you list so that you can reach more potential customers online. If all these things are true and apply to you let me ask you one question. Are you setting clear list building goals for your online business?

First let me start off by sharing this… In 8 years of experience mentoring women entrepreneurs online I’ve learned how easy it is to become frustrated and fuzzy when you are trying to build your business online. If you can relate, then I want to help you turn frustration into fire and fuzzy into focus by sharing 7 powerful, practical steps that you can take to grow your web business without tearing your hair out!

Today is day 4 inside my 7 Ways to Grow Your Business Online Challenge. And my challenge for you today, as mentioned above, is to make sure you set clear list building goals.

Today’s challenge is designed to help you get clear about how big your email list currently is vs how big you want it to be in the next month, quarter and year. If you want to have a bigger list and reach more people, the first thing you need to do is clearly define the goals you are working towards.

Listen to today’s Fire and Focus audio session for more:
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I actually created a great scope video training that compliments today’s challenge REALLY well. That video is called my “List Building: Setting Your Magic Numbers” in which I help you get even clear about how this email marketing / goal setting process works. You can watch this video by getting exclusive access to my first 28 Days of Periscope Fire and Focus replays, which you get as a bonus inside my complete 28 Day Grow Your Business Fire and Focus Challenge.

This free 7 Day Grow Your Business Challenge is actually a small preview of my Grow Your Business 28 Day Challenge which includes even more easy to follow action steps that can help you get clearer about the things you need to do to fire start your web vision and take your next big step online.

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