This morning I decided to jump on periscope (follow me) and start a new series, ‘Good Stuff’, morning motivation for my fellow online entrepreneurs. After my mompreneur duties are done, and my mini-me is off to school, I take the time to get ready for the day, check in on social media and get to work! Usually its during this time that I find myself pondering interesting personal projects, good idea and good content that I come across.

Today I kicked off the conversation, talking about how to Get Back On Track when you feel overwhelmed with your to do list and also when the new quarter starts and you need to check your revenue goals. I also talked about the power of being a blessing to others and making an impact in the world by Giving Back and being inspired by some of the amazing things other entrepreneurs and business owners are doing to change lives and change the world.

Inside today’s video I mentioned a few inspirational people:
Steve Harvey is using Social Media in a GREAT way – watch him live on Periscope, Facebook, and YouTube as he Rides for Charity. Embark on this epic journey with Steve Harvey, as he rides for charity and broadcasts live this powerful campaign for 4 weeks to raise money and awareness for thousands of fatherless youth across the country. I made a donation and you can too by texting steve to 91999 to donate to the Charity Ride.

And here is another dose of inspiration.

Fridge Outside Restaurant Turns Leftovers Into Free Meals For …

This restaurant owner, Minu Pauline, keeps a fridge full of food outside her shop to provide free meals for the homeless

Posted by NowThis on Saturday, April 2, 2016

This restaurant owner keeps a fridge full of food outside her shop to provide free meals for the homeless

I hope you enjoyed this motivational session today. Leave a comment to let me know and be sure to follow sistasense on Periscope for more live broadcasts designed to help web women entrepreneurs stay focused and fired up.


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