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At some point we all get stuck. The trick is to NOT stay stuck.

Did you catch this quick video from Oprah at the Essence Festival? When asked the question “Empowerment for women who have failed, how do they start over?”

Oprah’s response was this, “You Can’t Start Over Unless You Get Still.

This process of getting still is something I do all the time. I often times talk about the importance of finding a quiet space to work on your vision and do what I like to call “Figuring Out Your Next Natural Step.” In the video Oprah calls this your next “Right Step” Hah! Look at that… great minds think alike (smile).

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On this journey called entrepreneurship, I truly believe the only way you can fail is if you quit. Now, let’s dive into some SMART ways to power through to your best you inside my Get Unstuck So Your Success Can Stick podcast series.


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I hope you enjoy watching Oprah’s Rule of Empowerment video and also listening to the latest episodes of my Get Unstuck podcast series.

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